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  • Ye Liena
    Ye Liena wrote:
    Hi Guys! Actually i don't wanna start discussion i want to share my yesterday's very bad experience in GT BANANA night club. I'm not club goer as i'm not interested in drinking and night life. But i visited this club for a few times and actually used to think this place is quite nice. Untill tomorrow. That what happened tomorrow is beyond of anyone's expectation and imagination.
    What we have: in total 5 people (me and my friends) - 2 girls and 3 guys, not drunk of any sort 'caus we come to the bar at around 23:30 and have to leave already at 00:45, all people are working in good companies and have good income (me myself is an art-director with 9 year experience in advertising design), one of my friends this year finishing his doctorate in Beida in biochemistry field and so on (I really want you to understand that we are not the drank band of people but just 5 people which didn't anything which can cause what happen later). After spend about 45 minutes in the bar dancing i feel it's to hot and my heart start beating quite fast (lately i got problems with blood pressure) so i told my friends i want to go out for some time. One of my friends go with me. We stayed out too long so another of my friends go to have a look in case we need help (i left my cell phone at home). He went out of the bar we talk and he said he will go to buy water (outside of the bar)... in this few seconds the other friend who was with me saw me shivering and propose we go to back to the club and wait for our another friend between outside and inside doors. When our friend come the security saw he has a bottle of water, he went out and said you can't drink here, my friend start argue but i said that's ok security is right (actually i was against that my friend go to buy water in the first place), i said: "ok, ok, let's go out!" after that my friend said: "what the fuck it's so cold!" (he said it in english though we was speaking chinese before)
    Than we were near out of the bar than the security guard run and grab my friend shouting:
    - Do you think you speak english i can't understand? Fuck who? Who do you say to FUCK? Wanna fuck with me? I will fuck you (all in chinese, using a lot of very REALLY BAD words, i can write this words in Chinese but i think those who know Chinese know what i mean)
    My friend said:
    - Why you do this? I wasn't talking to you?
    I said:
    - Did you hear what did he said exactly? Did he call your name or something? Why you think you can grab client and talk like this?
    After what security said:
    - I can talk like this, I talk like this what you can do??? I'm NB (牛逼). What you do to me? - He shout at me and come very close and agressive.
    My friends become quite frightened because it was just something out of nothing and it look like this security will beat even me (a girl!!!) and said: "That's ok, that's ok calm down!" Over security come and that guy go inside, my friend throw away this bottle 'cause no one was going to drink water anyway. We were stunned for a minutes and then i just think "it's impossible to leave like that i was working in the bar as a party photographer, designer and a kind of PR while studing in Shenzhen Uni, now i'm also sometimes work as a photographer at the rock-concerts for www.rockyear1999.com and this behaviour of the person who should make you feel "secure" is just too much to be accepted!" So i went inside and ask to call manager but other security guards said:
    -Go and look yourself!
    Reception girl also reject to call manage playing stupid: "I really don't know where is the manage how to call" though they all have radio. At last one girl called for the senior security guard. At this was just the finally unbelievable thing. The senior security guard first play stupid and talk about water thing. After i told him that no one was going to drink this water inside and problem is not the water but the unexplaiable behavio
  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:
    what do you want to discuss with brainless dongbei security guards? this is China, sometimes, stupid things like this happens. just never go back there again.

    but good to know that rockyear is online again
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    In Spain we had a problem with the security guards in the clubs ( also in the good clubs), in fact, some youngs have died by the hands of this kind of paranoid-dements. I think that in this ten years 5 persons, with things very similar like your incident O_o).
    Now the goverment under the presion of the people have done something.
    The problem is that is more cheap contract a bully that a security guard (with the experience and the certification), and the bosses of the club prefers the cheap way or save money. Now the goverment take care of this, the control is very estrict.

    for me experience, I know the feeling in the mood after this kind of encounters, very disgusting...
  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:
    Agreed it's a terrible thing, but it's quite interesting from a language point of view...

    One of the things I've noticed when I started learning Korean and after learning a miniscule amount of Chinese is that people tend to learn the bad, comical words first because of the novelty and then suddenly get really paranoid whenever they hear those words and take them out of context, like what happened with your security guard knowing 'fuck'. I witnessed the same sort of thing happening in Korea when foreign friends would completely over-react when hearing 'Shibal' or anything that sounded remotely like 'iseki'.
  • Pink
    Pink wrote:
    yeah, i agree Daniel, i went to GT BANANA before, it's a good place to dance, but i cann't say the security is good or not. i think why this things happen is because they didn't actrually understant what u mean, they just heard the word 'FUCK', and intrest part of learning language is people always learn bad words fast. especially when u met this rude people, the agrue happened. so don't be mad , just let it go. the more u anger the worst for u. this guy don't worth u to do it.
    still there many good guy in China. So be happy, enjoy ur days.

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