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  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:
    Does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants to take a date to in Beijing? I mean, dress and suit style restaurants.
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    Your budget?
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    Tairyo teppanyaki is the best bang for your buck. 168 kuai, all you can eat and drink. Flo's is also a good choice, but at roughly 300 per person (not including wine) we need pretty deep pockets for that option.
  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:
    Budget is anything less than 800 for two people I guess.
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Tairyo isn't really an ideal date spot. Save it for a night out with your buddies and proceed to drink and eat yourself into a coma-like state.

    None of these are black tie joints, but nonetheless:

    While I haven't been, Mosto (Mediterranean) is currently receiving rave reviews from Beijing's gourmands. SALT and Alameda are both cool (contemporary fusion) and Let's Burger is one helluva burger joint with a cozy atmosphere.

    Good luck!
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    you have to tell us what kinda cuisine you wanted ?

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    China Grill/北京亮, 66F of the Yintai center. Superb environment, tho I dont like the taste too much
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    For that kind of budget, the Regent Beijing might not be a bad choice ...


    FYI, we had dined at Cafe 99 as well as Bar and Grill ... both are classy but not too formal, so you can go neat casual (polo shirt and jeans), but you can also do smart casual ... we went there for one birthday and one wedding anniversary, and because we dont drink, we managed to spend below 1000 in both cases ...

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