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  • Elly Searle
    Elly Searle wrote:
    I am part of a research group at Microsoft Research Asia, and we are designing and developing new technologies to help people who are learning a second language. To better understand the needs of prospective users of such technologies, we are inviting native English speakers who are learning Chinese as a second language to take part in our research.

    A few participants will be contacted for additional contributions to our research. Participants who are selected based on this survey will be invited to take part in a series of studies, which include an interview and some brief contextual observations of your second language study and use. All participants in the interviews and observations will receive small gifts for their time. We hope you can help us make language learning an easier, richer, and more rewarding process!

    If you are interested in helping us, please complete the survey found at the following link. Thank you very much!


    Questions? Please feel free to contact us by email: v-elsear@microsoft.com
  • Kathrin Jensen
    As a nerd I will do my part to help out another nerd, especially those in foreign lands.

    I was able to get this done before my tea was even cool enough to drink.

  • Henriette Eidhamar Nokken
    Thanks! You've earned good karma and deep appreciation from some grad students!

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