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  • Ms.VICS
  • Erik Tungland
    Erik Tungland wrote:
    my one is met this crazy hot guy a year ago and he liked me and i did too,it was really cold too ,he had to catch a plane ride that same day morning ,and we really wanted to do it so we did it outside of vics at this park next to it hahahaha and it was fun ,maybe not so crazy to u guys but let me know about urs .xoxo
  • Marte Joahansen
  • Winnie
    Winnie wrote:
    hard to find anything crazier, Ms.VICS
    were you really drunk?
  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    Ms ViCS were u really hungry?
  • Save Our Planet
    Sounded like she is braodcasting to everybody "come over and drink at my VICS. You will get excited and get high and then get ..." Ooooops.
  • 雪地
    雪地 wrote:
    @Save Our Planet: yeap, agree ... I seldom saw such a simple straight forward ad try to hide in an forum ^^
  • Xx
    Xx wrote:
    never got drunk...im allergic to alcohol :(

    but i don't think you could do anything if u were really drunk.
  • Simen Wangberg
    Before I came to China, I'd never met anyone that was allergic to alcohol...ever. Weird!
  • TonyDice
    TonyDice wrote:
    Me neither. It's totally bizarre - I know these Chinese girls who get rashes after they've had a few ("Oh no, i get ichie!")... is there a doctor in the house that can explain?
  • Sara Elise Fladmark Seland
    My friend explained this to me before, but as I'm lazy now, here's a hand for the ones who don't know about it. Let me introduce you Dr. Wiki.
  • Fazio
    Fazio wrote:
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    my one is i met this dumb advertising agency chick a year ago and she liked me and i wanted to bang her, so I told her I had to catch a plane ride that same day morning and this was our only chance. she really wanted to do it so we did it outside of MIX at this park next to it hahahaha and it and I got herpes.

    Nah I'm just kidding , like Fagio said it's just an advertisement.
  • Åse Marie Strand
    i would share mine but it is untouchable...and embarrassing.
  • Nadia Scheie
    Nadia Scheie wrote:
    In utube......
  • Shukri Olad
    Shukri Olad wrote:
    drunkness makes forgetness
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    1. Back in Norway, I broke my 2 front teeth as I lost my balanced while putting on my shoes on my way out. Costed me around 15 000 rmb (Norwegian dentist prices are insane).

    2. Me and Eyad were goofing around and singing (not that I can sing for shit) some late sunday at Lush in Wudaokou (only 4 people there) after 12 shots of B51. Tripped and got a 7-sting big cut in my forehead. Fell asleep while they were stitching me up at some hospital, and after that we went back to Lush for a Burger.

    3. In Philippines, we were wasted 7 in the morning, and got this brilliant idea of going out with the sailing boat. And of course we didnt let it be with the idea, so off we went with the boat, out to some local beach where we paddled in with some small paddling boats and onto the beach where a flock of 20-30 local kids from 2-6 years old went crazy. The sand on the beach was INSANELY hot, so we ran around there screaming among the kids that were laughing. Imagine us, 3 pale Norwegian dudes in this setting ;P

    4. I joined some girl home, completely wasted, but before anything happened I started sobering up and realized she wasn't that good looking. So I managed to escape while she was at the bathroom "getting frisky", muhaha

    Other than that, I've sleept over the night at Lush.. Blacked out outside old White Rabbit, waking up with pics of myself lying on the street and a big grin from a friend that assured me to get home.... been falling asleep at the doormat outside my apartment... been falling asleep on the bathroom floor (during winter so it was freezing cold!)..
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    The best remedy for the green pepper shits is a Japanese toilet. After reclining on those space-age polymers and utilizing all three of the enhanced functions -- the smiley face, the buttcheek and the chess piece -- I felt like a new man.
  • xxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxx wrote:
    I still remember 3 years ago when i came here, i spoke no Chinese, and the first week my friends decided to take me out for the first time in Beijing, we started by a pre-game at my place, i literally had everything, red wine, beer, whiskey you name it. and then we headed to mix, my friends and some other Chinese guys had a table, so i had more drinks with them, the Chinese kept offering me drinks. i was literally a bottle of vodka in a form of a human being walking in the club and doing all sort of crazy stuff, and i blacked out for several hours, the next morning i woke up with a huge headache, my room was smelling like shit i tried to wake up and threw up, went to the bathroom to get a mop and found more vomit in the sink, toilet and my clothes were all covered with vomit, went to the living room and saw a couple of guys lying in the couch, believe it or not i didn't know anyone of them, and the worse part is none of them knew a word of English, and i knew nothing but "Ni hao" in Chinese, my other friends had class, so they had left the house earlier.

    It was a total nightmare, had a headache, and you know when you come from a club you hear this endless tinnitus, ringing in the ears. and the guy wouldn't stop talking in a language that sounded nothing but total gibberish to me, plus this smell in my house, my clothes....Later i was told that i had a shot of Bacardi 151,and apparently it did fuck me up...
  • Marte Joahansen
    the day i had to make my "Hangover" movie...it was really nice...already drunk

    before i

    went into the club, couldn't testify of any song which was played that night...i looked

    very active..won me a chick home...but slept before anything started...i was lucky

    she waited till i woke up...."the only thing i didn't come across was Mike Tyson

    and his tiger". For the marriage part, it was done verbally...i guess that's why she

    had to wait for me to uncrash....lol
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    That is a great advert young girl.
  • anita sønsterud
  • Rebecca Dreiling
    When I was in the states to visit, I met a Chinese guy who was training to be a pilot for Air China. When my new friend finished his training in the states, he came back to China and on his way, made a stop in Beijing to visit me. We went out China Doll and had jager/redbull, tequila sunrise, beer and tons of shots with names I can't even repeat in America (because no one would drink them). Later on that night, a (really cute Chinese) flight attendant he's friends with came and I remember him introducing us. Everything after that is a complete blur. The last thing I remembered was shaking the flight attendant's hand, zoom forward to me throwing up in the bathroom stall...lifting my head and seeing the flight attendant holding my hair. I was mortified and kept apologizing (since we had just met). I remember stumbling to a taxi with my friend and practically crawling into my hotel room and vomitting more in the bathroom. The next day I was pretty much a vegetable. I also came to the realization I lost my phone in the process...and I must have been so wasted because the next time I went to China Doll, a very attractive Russian guy came up and asked why I didn't call him? I have no recollection of getting his number or giving him mine. I explained that I was hammered but he thought I was blowing him off. I don't even remember meeting the guy?


  • Rebecca Dreiling
    Look, I even found a picture from the beginning of that night!


  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    Rebecca, I thought that was going somewhere more interesting when you mentioned the really attractive flight attendant...
  • Rebecca Dreiling
    Yeah I thought so too. :(
  • Amalie Sæverud
    well, i was going to share my story, but realised i wasn't really drunk!
    see ?people do crazy stupid thing without alcohol all the time!
    what a pity , i can't share my story! Shame on me , never got drunk!
  • xxxxxxxx
    xxxxxxxx wrote:
    what's the best hangover remedy?
  • .
    . wrote:

    I got super drunk in last winter. I was falling asleep at somebody's outside door and half naked .And its very wrong floor. Lucikly my bf found me.He said I've been missing for one hour.I remembered I keep pressing the code to get in the door over and over again.Afterwards feel like I get in and I started to take off my shirt.OMG!I can not believe what else I can do when I get drunk ;b

  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    Damnit JZ, are you the one who put that video of me on youtube?
  • Morten Eriksen
    after drunk, i always became a wild and crazy animal
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

    That makes sense. I do have a nice bottom.

  • Ms. Stephanie
    Ms. Stephanie wrote:

    Back to the time I was in NZ.... I drove my car back hm from a 70 angle huge slope (70度斜坡) and I blacked out how did I do this....I felt scared after I woke up.... :(

  • Pål Kristan Grue Tufte
    lol rebecca, crazy story, any chance the guy might have slipped something onto one of your drinks ?

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