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  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    Companies must decide for themselves whether to stay in China, says Microsoft co-founder

    Former Microsoft chief executive Bill Gates has used an interview on US television to explain why he decided to start using Twitter, and to throw his hat into the Google/China debate.

    Gates said in an interview with Good Morning America that the Chinese government censors the internet only in a "limited" way, and that companies operating in the region must decide whether they want to do business in countries where the laws are different to their own. Gates did not mention Google by name.

    "The Chinese efforts to censor the internet have been very limited. It's easy to go around it, so I think keeping the internet thriving there is very important," he said.

    "You've got to decide. Do you want to obey the laws of the countries you're in or not? If not, you may end up not doing business there."

    Gates acknowledged that it is a complex issue, but said that the internet has a "positive" influence and should not be denied to anyone.

    The Microsoft chairman also discussed his decision to start using Twitter, saying that he will use the micro-blogging service to obtain feedback on the activities of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    "If people share ideas on how I can spend [money] better, I am keen to get that," he said.
  • Ryan Sanden
    Ryan Sanden wrote:
    I completely agree. It's 'limited' because it's so easy to circumvent, and it is not even illegal to do so (although I hope people don't make it _too_ easy). The purpose of censorship in China isn't as much to control information absolutely as it is to keep it from quickly spreading to uneducated masses.

    "A person is smart. _People_ are dumb panicky animals and you know it" -- Men in Black.

    I don't agree that control of information is necessarily good, but it is good that intelligent, educated people are largely unaffected by the restriction. The current system is working, and I say that even as an American.

    Sidenote: the Google situation is not about censorship.
  • Save Our Planet
    Why does Beijing government block Youtube? When was that happened? Was it also blocked during 2008 Olympic Beijing?
  • Marte Joahansen
    Basically, it jst. entails the refusal of the personalities in China to accept some facts..if u'ld always remain intimidated by the media,the media would never get off of ur' "ass"
    lest i forget, limiting free acess to information as as good as limiting education in itself.

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