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  • Timothy Wang
    Timothy Wang wrote:
    this guy works next to me, a cool guy, we get on very well, all is good...BUT, he is very smelly!!! OMG...its just gets too much, its really horrible to smell the "dirty" smell of his. dont know what it is, bad hygiene i suppose, but really, what must i do? i mean he is a cool dude, i dont want to say "hey listen mate, you are stinky, go do something about it.." that just rude..and i cant think of anything to say to be not rude. i have thought about to talking to the HR but she is just gonna tell him to clean himself, AND he might think that was me to tell the HR to do this...aaarrrrrrrrhhhh

    maybe i should start the conversation like "hey man, what deodorant you use?" and see what he says...

    any ideas...
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Stop beating around the issue and speak directly.

    Say, "Hello, much like you, my work requires sustained concentration. As much as I've been struggling with how to tell you this, your unique odor is bothering me and it takes me awhile to focus on the tasks at hand when I'm consumed by this situation."

    If he continues to emit foul stench, he may either 1) Need to see a medical professional or 2) Require a chat with the PR Director to find a solution that will allow him to continue work at the company while not distracting other employees.

    Good luck!
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    buy him a nice perfume or good smell body wash,and tell him you could have a try this,I bet it might make you better smell,and somehow you guys just feel hard to breathe very well around,so to make everybody work happily and breathe very well,let's try something to improve?!
  • Timothy Wang
    Timothy Wang wrote:
    i just feel bad to telling him this, he is a really nice guy after all, plus at work(we are design/animation studio), everyone is very chilled and cool, no one really see work as work you know what i mean? its a studio, its a cool place to hung out in a way..

    i often give him gums, it because i want him to have it and smell better not because being polite..lol
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Buy a fan and blow the smell back at him so you don't have to deal with it anymore
  • Timothy Wang
    Timothy Wang wrote:
    ok thats a good one, but i kinda feel bad for the next person gonna sit next to him..lol

    @Nina Cheung
    perfumes are expensive!!! i'd rather buy myself a good one..lol im sure he has all those things, i think the problem is - he is not using them, or not often enough... maybe i should get a air freshener or something put in be tween us...

    @Jon Gu
    you know what its really not a bad idea, keep the air movin....might just work
  • TonyDice
    TonyDice wrote:
    Leave an anonymous note and a can of deodorant: 'Use me'
    Case solved, next....
  • MichelleG
    MichelleG wrote:
    just put some air freshener every day ,and go to PR Director or HR who duty this stuff, let them know... cuz it's not only your problem ,others feel same,maybe .
  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:
    respectful honesty isnt rude, pull him aside so you can talk under 4 eyes and tell him politely but straight about your concern. If you are a friend you should do remind him about how he is being seen in public, even if the smell wont bother you, i might bother others.
  • Sasha 莎莎 Wang

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