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  • Ethonhunt
    Ethonhunt wrote:
    Hi All,

    How are you?

    First, happy 2010 ahead!

    This is Ethon from Chaoyang District.

    As my job now is doing film business with foreigners , mostly Europeans, I need to make my oral english better.

    Therefore, I come here to search for a native english speaker. I have a suggestion to our way of learning:

    I will help you to practice your Chinese(Cause I am good at it and used to be a reporter, so no worry about my accent. It is very correctly.)

    And, you can help me to improve my English speaking. We won't pay each other as it is mutual learning.

    I write the details to make it more clear. Actually it is very simple, we just talk with english and Chinese and wander around to have fun together :)

    Just for reminder: I am a Chinese boy, interested in Film, basketball and other sports.

    Hoping someone can see the message and contact me. Don't hesitate! My MSN: ethonhunt@hotmail.com.

    Best regards,

  • Ethonhunt
    Ethonhunt wrote:
    Seems post an AD here need time to wait the reply...
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... Jeffrey, know what you mean ... I can never figure out this "language exchange" biz, I am sure I had not done that when I first went overseas ... "hey, do you want to learn Cantonese? I will teach you Cantonese, and you can teach me English" ... hahahaha ... could have been deported the next day ...

    Ethon, right? Like what Jeffrey said, for those foreigners who needs to learn and practice Chinese, they dont do it in the form of language exchange per se, they just mix with their friends, Chinese or otherwise, and pick it up as they go ...

    Like most locals told me, they dont have the environment to practice English or other foreign language, my typical reply is "make your own environment, and use any opportunity"...

    Not that I want to be your language partner, since my English is only so so per typical requirement, but if you need help, feel free to drop me a note ...

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