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  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:
    what would you do if tomolo will be "the day after tomorrow"?

    according to Al Gore's demonstration, even Beijing will be partly overflooded, plus all the dramatic changes, blablah.

    so what would you do if you know for sure that something bad will happen in nearest future?
  • Zhe Zhang
    Zhe Zhang wrote:
    Well, exactly what I've been thinking of...So far, no answers to this question...But somehow I do believe that "the day after tomorrow" theory can explain why we are suffering this freaking cold winter.
  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:
    ppl are nuts, in copenhagen they are talking about 10years or 20years plans but sientists made statements about "a matter of few years" 2 years ago when they discovered huge area of eternal ice being melt down in antarctist.

    to be honest, i dont know what to do, i m here up in Haidian which lies geographically a bit higher then Chaoyang (maybe 10m difference), but still, if major cities like Shanghai or Tianjin are going to be flooded, there will be chaos. Most likely, the whole northern China wont be attractive to live in.

    even if this process wont happen in just few days, but still worse enough and no escape. Unimagineable what would happen to the society and politics. The infrastructure of a country will face it's worst damage, live for sure will be different.

    shall one move south? shall one prepare for a new life? still continue with what one did before in profession and career? or maybe volunteering to help where ever help is being needed while try to survive?

    or maybe i m just too pessimistic about it all ...

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