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  • Sheryl Zhong
    Sheryl Zhong wrote:
    Watched this last night and still can't get over it


    It's not only the whales, it's dolphins too?! Horrific
  • wrote:
    Korean eat dogs; Japanese eat Whales or dolphins; Our Chinese almost eat anything eatable. It is not a big deal, it is only part of their culture, but we can ask them to domesticate some whales and dolphins to kill for food. Simply speaking, there is no difference between the beef for you and the dogs for Koreans and whales for Japanese.
    Of course, Koreans, Japanese and Chinese can try to alter their eating habits. Due to the limited number of whales and dolphins, Japanese would better to stop killing these animals.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    good that you educate ppl about this topic.
    bad that you write its a movie about japan. its not its about whaleslaughter. Japan is not the only country and I am sure there are a lot of chinese who eat whale and dolphins as well.
  • wrote:
    Absolutely no.
    You can say many Chinese eat Sharks, but as I know, there is no special fishing organization in China killing whales and dolphins, they are protected in China, if anyone killed these animals will be punished by law in China.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    I dont say that there are fishing organisations. I say that there are chinese who eat that whale meat as well.
    the movie has little to do about "Japan" it has something to do about whale/dolphing-killing in Japan and about ppl who eat that meat all over the world and certainly as well in China. I am just very sensitiv to these polemic titles.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    My spelling in the first thread was confusing. I post it once again:

    good that you educate ppl about this topic.
    bad that you write its a movie about japan. its not about japan, its about whaleslaughter in general. Japan is not the only country who does this crime.
    furthermore I am sure there are a lot of chinese who eat whale and dolphins as well and are supporting this economy strait as well. Therefore the movie is about whaleslaughter on the whole world in general.
  • wrote:
    If Japanese do not fish whale and dolphin, no one will risk eating them.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    is that a level? are you making fun and I dont get it?
    if the "Japanese" dont fish whale and dolphin, someone else will do it as long as there are ppl on this planet who wants to eat this kind of meat. so you have to try to change the ppls mind with movies like that and not do stupid propaganda against japan.
    you know this is the problem with nationlism, the problems are not solved when you just shoot on other nationalities you just delude yourself from the real problems.
    like you: you say japan is the problem with whale hunting. you delude youreself when you say things like that. the main problem are the ppl who eat whale meat. and instead of using your engery on shooting verbally on japan you could use your engery to fight against ppl in your own country who eat whale meat. I am sure you could finde some restaurants in Beijign who sell this kind of meat. and when you really have a big problem with that, you can write a letter to this restaurant or to the government.

  • wrote:
    haha, good idea, you can write to government or restaurants to deal with this matter.
    But as far as I know, there is only Japan who officially allowed to fish whale with modern equipments and modern fishing boat. The restaurant can not sell whale meat if these restaurants can not find the source of the whale meat and that is only a fact. These restaurants will not send people to fish in the ocean to acquire the whale meat. Because it is too costly.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    I can assure you with my life, that Chinese do not hunt or eat Whales and do not in anyway fuel the Japanese whaling industry.

    thats so polemic. 1.3 billion chinese... and no one eats whale meat? altough its an emoitional topic, please be a little bit more scientific.
    And no its not a film about Japan! Its about the whalekilling industry located in Japan. When you use a title like you did then you assist nationalistic hatred against Japan in general.
    The energy which could be used against the whale slaughter is wasted in anti-japanese feelings.

    by the way: first google result with "whale meat beijing restaurant"
    was that:

    [...]Supposedly, in several East Asian markets, whale meat is considered a delicacy and sold at
    high prices. For example, our sources claim whale meat is being sold to distributors in [-->]Taiwan [<---]
    for 200$/kg, the end market being speciality restaurants.26 This information has not been
    verified, however.
    General consumer market
    In general, the possible markets for whale meat may be roughly divided into two sections. The
    first would be niche markets, such as Japanese restaurants in [--->]Peking[<---], Icelandic speciality
    restaurants or dedicated whale meat connoisseurs in the US.
    ]end Quote.

    you see you have to fight in your own country as well, like a Swiss has to, like a American has to, like a South-African has to 等等.

    Otherwise your noble cause is ineffectiv and even contraproductiv, because you only point with the finger outwards and close your eyes before problems on the inside.

    Still we gotta see that we are actually on the same side. and thats cool already!
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    When you use a title like you did then you assist nationalistic hatred against Japan in general! Not really agree your view. (that is serious topic)
    Everything we would take it one divides into two points(一分为二)yes I admit our country education have wrote into the books of history, and as a course must be learn and know that, that is not a fault, cuz we per se should know why in that way, then can be grow up then can be stronger..... and now we dont hater abt Japanese or others, on the contrary we appreciate them. and they lead to nowadays chinese not extremely delicate anymore.
    And I think Sheryl wrote it just hopes of more and more ppl may pay attention more the only one -our earth. you know too much more ppl dunno and don;t care , they are too selfish.
    I back anyone who care the family, care about the earth changes.
    Sorry and forgive my poor english described, I wish eveybody can understand my meant.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:

    no need to become a bit angry. you missunderstood my text.
    if you have the time, please read it again and think about, that we are not native speakers.
    I used some confusing words because my English is not perfect
    You missunderstood what I am traying to say because your English is not perfect.
    Or maybe even both.

    I try to clarify some of the points you seem to have missunderstood.
    - I dont tell millions of chinese, that they eat whale meat. I tried to tell you, that there are as well Chinese who eate whale meat
    - and a lot of other countrys as well.
    So the movie is not only about Japan, its about all these other countrys as well.
    And when you say "its a film about Japan" then it sounds like the problem exists only there, but it exists in China also.

    thats so polemic. 1.3 billion chinese... and no one eats whale meat?
    [end Quote]
    I asked you a question, if there arent maybe any peple which are eating whale meat.
    It was a question, and I dont see that I stated everyone did that. If you understood that, then I am sorry for the missunderstanding.

    [your Quote]
    you might also find French, Italian, Mexican restaurants and all the quirky stuff they have in their cuisine.
    [end quote]

    [my Quote I wrote before you]
    you see you have to fight in your own country as well, like a Swiss has to, like a American has to, like a South-African has to 等等.
    [end Quote]
    I tried to imply, that there other countrys as well, I tried that to say, that in everycountry where they cosume whale meat you have to fight this cause.
    I bid you to read my posts till the end, before you accuse me.

    for example start with William Lin , you see you can change the mind of ppl in your own social sphere as well! and dont have to blame Japan. People in your own social network want to eat whale meat! You can fight right here this course, dont only anwser him cynically, discuss with him!
    And like I said, we have the same goal.

  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    -Is the Japanese farmer outside from Kyoto who never ate whale meat guilty of the whale slaughter?
    Or the teacher in Nagasaki?
    - therefore can you judge "Japan" as a whole?
    Or can you ONLY judge the Japanese government and the whaleslaughter industries and the consummers all around the world?

    - Why do you emend me about me judging about all the citizen of a country, when I try to show you, that you are doing exactly the same with Japan (in my eyes)? In my eyes you judged the Japanese ppl as a whole as well.
    Why do you think that I am doing the same fault as well, which I try to show?
    But its cool that we have actually the same kind of moral values.

    - Who is more guilty: Someone (Person A) hires a bully (Person B) to beat up a debitor (Person C) and bring him his golden marriage ring.
    Who is more guilty about the injuries: the bully (Person B), because he was the one beating Person C? Or Person A, the client who was offering the Job?
    Change Person A to someone who eats whale meet. Anyone all around the world including China and other countrys.
    Change Person B to the whaleslaughter industry in Japan.
    and now ask the questions again with the answers from before in mind.

    Have a great weekend!
  • Rebecca Arnesen

    shark hunting is also unethical. Just ask Yao ming!
  • Rebecca Arnesen
    ps Stop all this nationalistic bullshit. It makes you sound ridiculous!
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Due to slow connection, I wont be watching the film ... so I will just say that ...

    In Australia, animal cruelty is a major "no no", that's why slaughter house is usually located within industrial areas, and most households dont get to see it ...

    Also, for many years, animal activists had strong comment against how chicken and ducks were feathered and killed in the markets in Hong Kong ...

    I am against animal cruelty (though I show no mercy against cockroaches) but I am quite certain that I wont become a vegetarian even if I have seen how animals are killed ...

    My point is ...

    a. whaling is not a mean of survival but a mean of luxury
    b. whales are becoming extinct
    c. animal cruelty against such animal is just wrong

    They should stop ... full stop ...

    On the other hand, hypothetically, if they have indeed been farming such animal, and no one gets to see how they slaughter the whales, then, I think we might be OK with that, just like chicken and ducks and cows ... if you dont it see, you will feel better ...眼不见为净...

    Someone above talks about Chinese eating habits ... there are two to consider:

    1. monkey brain - I think most people knows how this is served, so I wont talk about it for now

    2. there is a dish where they only deep-fry the body of fish, and when it is served, the fish is still alive, but I dont know what this is called ...

    Just my Friday night's rubbish ... :)
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    The problem is the massive hunting of dolphins....but....¨ hunting¨, i don´t like this word, because the hunter respects the offspring, don´t hunt indiscriminately, the idea is to respect all things necesary for the future of this animal-resource. The hunters of the past and all that still survive in the tribes in the world, have this. Many ecologist like the tabus and culture of the Indian tribes from North America, because in their ¨laws¨, in their habits lie this idea of respect for the nature. But this respect don´t born of a happy idea of one man one day, the small tribes can understand (they don´t need to go to the highschool or university for can understand this) that massive exploitation of a resource today , is the death in the future. This kind of tribes don´t have many things (contracts, business, money,....) and is very easy for them in their simplicity culture, see with clear that the possible ganance today is sell their future. They are hunters, and they hunt animals. The animals don´t have this, the lions (better said the lioness, the lions don´t do nothing) for example kills the youngs, they are predators.

    In this video, these men are only ¨machines¨, machines for kill, dismember, they do their ¨job¨ with the precision of coarse, rough old machine, cheap machine. In fact they are cheap, cheap workers, for do business, for gain more, the businessman use cheap machines (yeah, all payment of the businessman is equal to lost gain money: pay rates, respect the quotes and laws, use efficent methods for kill the animals,....all this is lost moneyfor them, they only love the plusvalia).
    Some people is very stupid and they don´t care if they spit up over own heads
    or throw stones at own roof, they are blind for the money and the present gain.

    so @sun, The problem is not the differents things for eating in each culture, the problem is the exploitation the natural resources using only as guide the laws of the offer and demand. The cruelty of those images is only one effect of this way of understand the business, because be cruel is the cheap and fast way.

    Even in the online video games exist laws agains the ¨farming¨ !!! why in the real world still not???

  • wrote:
    Some people is very stupid and they don´t care if they spit up over own heads
    or throw stones at own roof, they are blind for the money and the present gain.

    the problem is the exploitation the natural resources using only as guide the laws of the offer and demand.
    I agree with you on this point.
    That's why I pointed out that those people using machine to kill so many whales and dolphins, I do not think I will try to eat any these meat of whales and dolphins; pork, beef and lamb meat, etc are enough for me.
  • DonkeyTonk
    DonkeyTonk wrote:
    Have a look at any slaughterhouse. They're all horific
  • Shane
    Shane wrote:
    Actually, whaling is legal in the united states for certain groups of eskimos, mostly located in Alaska with small branches in washington state..

    I wasn't sure of the actual facts, so i checked wiki.

    Every year, around 50 bowhead whales are killed along with the occasional 1 or 2 grey whales.
  • Shane
    Shane wrote:
    And reading on:
    Whaling as an industry is illegal in Japan, and only able to be carried out on a scientific research basis.

    And aside from that the yearly harvests are around:

    Russia: 150
    Norway: 500
    Iceland: 30
    Greenland: 175
    indonesia: ?

    And possibly the most terrible sentence of all:
    It was revealed in 1994 that the Soviet Union had been systematically underreporting the number of whales it took. For example, from 1948 to 1973, the Soviet Union caught 48,477 humpback whales rather than the 2,710 it officially reported to the IWC.

    Well, I'd say thats a whale of a tale.
  • Ms Bla
  • Richie
    Richie wrote:
    Have you watched the movie on 藏羚羊(可可西里)? Or did a quick search on the volume of tiger skin, rhino horns, elephant tusks, etc are sold in China? FYR, the population of single horned rhino, Bengal tigers and asian elephants are far less than whales.

    Should I be asking "have you watched a movie on China?" instead of asking "have you watched 可可西里?"
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    [you dare to yell Chinese eat whales?! It's unbelievable people didn't yell you back, and only one replied your topic.]

    its not unbelievable.
    The simple reason why they havent "yelled" back is, because their English is better than yours.
    You obviously havent understood a single word of what I wrote before.
    Before you start to be unpolite towards someone in an English speaking conversation
    and before you say things like "kid [...] need being educated more", you need to improve your English skills first.

    In the recent past you missunderstood a lot of post as far as I remember
    and your answers are most of the time more an abstract riddle rather than something someone can start to have a civilised discussion about.
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:

    Especially if you use electronic / online translation tools, you MIGHT have to be aware about the fact, that you MIGHT missunderstand the meaning of the texts or dont understand the full meaning.

    have a nice week
  • Richie
    Richie wrote:
    Sheryl, 可可西里is an award winning movie. It's been a long time since it was released so you can't go to a theatre. Go buy a dvd.
  • Shane
    Shane wrote:
    Lol, Lions and tigers in our backyards? Well, can you think of a better way to keep crime down?

    Yeah, it appears the cold war was partially funded in Beluga fat.

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