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    I recall when i was young,I will play and always having fun.with the neighbours next to me ,and we'll play untill the setting sun
    try to be the best among the others,in a game called "the spider battle".it doesn't matter who is the best now,those were the days of my past

    Few years later when i got to school,and was late for the lesson all the time,always day dreaming in the class.till i don't even know the lessons donethen my teacher always tell me ,never ever be lazy again

    what can i do now
    what can i say now
    those were the days of my past

    As the days go on and on,I grew up and had my first love.candle light and sandy beach,finally give away my first kiss.mother said i was too young to fall in love and then i will oneday regret
    so love was over,but i do miss him/her
    those were the days of my past

    Just when i left my high school and,Got my first job in a sales line.working hard all day and night.no one there to lend a helping hand.Daddy told me not to worry and said i should go on step and step

    what can i say now
    what can i do now?
    those were the days of my past

    The one day i settled down with the only one i really love,gonna a small family with two kids that is what i'm always hoping for.....but I still remenber having fun with all my friends when i was young

    i miss my hometown i miss my old friends
    when will i see them again?
  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    Hmm...are u a poet now? i wonder what else is kept in that smart skull of urs....the idea is great but the english

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