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  • Gay Church
    Gay Church wrote:
    Come and confess your sins (or make new ones) at Gay Church!
    Congregation starts at 9pm
    Buy one get one free drinks from 9 to 11pm House and Funk Beats
    Tues, Jan 12 at the White Rabbit (F/2, Tongli Studio, behind 3.3 mall. Sanlitun 133-2112-3678)"
    Email for correspondence - church.whiterabbit@gmail.com
  • Siren Dahlkvist
    any BI there?
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
  • SaSa♣Yi
    SaSa♣Yi wrote:
    somone on the website thought I was a LESBIAN...
  • wrote:
    @SaSa same here
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Does confession at this church involve elderly Catholic priests and alter boys? Because it'd be funny if it did.
  • .
    . wrote:
    Wow, this pretty much tops every idiotic meeting purpose I've seen in BJ. Gay people are supposed to go there and feel kinky for exposing their private life?

    I thought White Rabbit was the place in Beijing that cared about electronic music, well, my wrong. "Buy one drink get one free" is this supposed to attract people.
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    I don't understand your presumptive logic, Giacomo.

    How does a gay-themed night expose the private lives of those who attend any more than a straight-themed night?

    Secondly, does the presence of a gay-themed night (and drink specials) lead to a decrease in the quality of electronic music?

    There is no causal relationship between those three elements.

  • .
    . wrote:
    My point is a really shitty advertisement that seems to excite some people.

    It may be naive to read the "confession" part too literally, but there's enough potential for exposing private life, isn't there? Anyway, if it helps make people happier, there you go.
    What is a "straight themed night" supposed to be? I've never seen an advertisement for a heterosexually focused event, and if there was, it would be pretty discriminating towards homosexuals, don't you think? So how does it work here, the other way around?

    It's not about the music, I can listen to good music at home. It's about the PLACE. I had the impression White Rabbit didn't really need any "theme". The name of who spins there was quite enough in the past. That was when I was paying 70rmb to get in and 50rmb for a drink. But I tell you what, it was damn worth it. It was essential: music and the people who shared their taste for it. Period.
    Anyway, I hope lots of people will have fun with their Gay Church night.

    I must also say that what bothers me is the self' satisfactory way in which some people need to dangle their (supposed...) sexuality in front of everybody in this forum. Transgression is in facts, not in a WLIBJ forum, but for some people the ego depends on a post (too), apparently. Again, if they feel better...please go on about threesomes etc. if you like. I bet the event won't be attended by anyone in this forum, but it's nasty to talk about it anyway, so enjoy.

    I don't want to start a discussion about advertising strategies, but the fact
    that there's no causal relationship between the elements you mention, Pete, elements that are supposed to attract people, is exactly what makes this advertising bad. That's everything what a theme night would be about: consistency about something. (for ex. have a gay dj spinning, with gay themed photography for Visuals, whatever, it's not my club). This is just: "Hey gays, if you come, you will find more gays (which is ok, but aren't we all past that?)...and it's White Rabbit. So 120bpm music. And drinks are cheap too."

    Anyway, I wish everybody have fun and I hope White Rabbit 3.0 won't open for a long time. :)
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Interesting insights, Giacomo.

    My point in mentioning the absurdity of a "straight-themed night" was to highlight the fact that you can find heterosexual folks engaged in all sorts of public displays of affection -- ranging from hand holding to borderline explicit petting -- every night of the week in every venue and no one seems to complain about it.

    I'm not trying to be adversarial, but if you don't dig the gay-themed events, does it really lower your opinion of the venue? Lots of my favorite venues have lame theme nights and entertainment. I just skip those and move on.
  • .
    . wrote:
    I don't recall complaining about display of homosexual affection. If you refer to my comments about this specific forum, you misunderstood it, my enemy is forced exhibitionism, specially in a forum.
    Last time I was out (Yen countdown) I saw guys making out, girls making out, guys making out with transvestites, whatever, it was fine with me, I was there for music and fun and I suppose they were too and I hope for them they enjoyed it. Yen is of course not a weekly thing but it travels on the same rail as White Rabbit. I repeat, I don't care if this is a gay themed night, a Jungle themed night or a vegan buffet with music for which no animals had to suffer. It just looks populistic to me.

    The electronic music scene never was discriminating towards anybody, at least where I've seen it, so I don't really see the need of this. My impression is that WR management is trying this time to attract the broadest spectrum of clientele possible, since they lowered prices considerably, which is not always necessarily good. And yes, it already has lowered my opinion of the venue. But maybe I'm picky.
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Ah. Got it. Thanks for the elaboration.

    Acupuncture's Lantern is officially opening tonight. As an electronic music lover, let us know the details if you decide to check it out later.
  • ♥Playboy ♥
    cute lesbian girls !! what a pity !!!
  • .
    . wrote:
    lol, that's pretty much the best way to end a useless discussion I started
  • Timothy Wang
    Timothy Wang wrote:
    i have kissed 2 les girls at the same time...it was pretty hot!...but normally gay girls that i seen are very manly and scary... lol
  • Camaron
    Camaron wrote:
    No lesbians in Beijing, just undefined girls that they dont know what they are...hehe
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    @Camaron: And what are they, to you, anyway? Baby-making automata? Sandwich chefs? Ambulatory spunk receptacles?
  • .
    . wrote:
    @Timothy: Amazing story bro. You feel better now that you told us?

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