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  • Misheel
    Misheel wrote:
    i lost my phone (nokia) in few days ago, and i want to buy new phone, but i dont know which phone i have to buy... so please help me :) Cell phone+Itouch or Iphone?
  • Siren Dahlkvist
    is it safety if i buy Iphone from China?
  • Miriam Pedersen
    Go for an iphone from HK. Plus they got WIFI.
  • DonkeyTonk
    DonkeyTonk wrote:
    We just finished building our first app for iPhone. I've heard loads of people say they hate the iPhone as a phone but I think it's great. Definitely the best implementation of a touch screen on a hand-held device, and I've owned most of them.

    My advice? Go for the iPhone 3GS imported from HK or the states so you can use the Wi-Fi. It means you only ever need to carry around one thing. I don't know about you but the more electronics I carry around the more likely it is that I'll lose it...

    By the way I think it's absolutely ridiculous that China Mobile actually told Apple to rip out the Wi-Fi. Nothing but anti competitive practice that forces you to pay for their 3G services.
  • Siren Dahlkvist
    Thank u so much guys :)

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