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    №❶ Passioη wrote:
    I wonder if this should have gone in the "Nonsense" corner... Welcome to 2010. A Liaoning girl next door has been attempting suicide because her 'married BF' dumped her for confronting his wife. Long story.

    Since on 1st Jan, she has been crying and not eaten anything though I tried to force her to. We live on the 7th floor and she could jump off at anytime. I'm worried but tired of staying awake for her sake.. My own female will be back at dawn - which makes things worse for her

    If you have a good heart, or you want to be a hero of a her heart, or you're a girl who cares and wants to comfort her, Send me a PM and I let you contact her directly, be her friend or new BF or stop her from whatever she’s trying to do. I’m tired of this.
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    Respond here - You cold assholes... or must every post contain SEX to attract your corrupt perverted critic freaks (more appropriate words apply). Someone's life is at stake here, people...
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    Sorry, I do not understand the relationship of these figures:
    A Liaoning girl , her 'married BF' , his wife
    a little complicated, what's the relationship between A Liaoning girl and her 'married BF' ?
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    A Liaoning girl fell in love with a guy who already has a wife. They have been in secret love for 2 years and the girl gave him her virginity ...

    After all these while, the love got deeper and deeper - so the girl put pressure on the guy to divorce his wife. The guy had refused. So the Liaoning girl called his wife and attacked her with terrible words. Then the guy jilted the liaoning girl very harshly.

    The girl cannot bear the aftermath emotions. She has been attempting suicide while I have been attempting to stop her. She has become insane lately. The other night she lost her mind and said to me: "Please sleep with me"... That's how I got to know her insanity is not a joke.

    We are trying to help her in one way or the other to get right. Engage her in fun activities and recover her soul from all the evil she got herself into.... I just cannot help her much anymore cos my own female is back - my female does not approve me helping her... So sad
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    my female does not approve me helping her
    That's right, your woman will not allow you to sleep with another woman.

    I have to say the Liaoning girl should be responsible for her action and the aftermath. Who is that guy? A rich man?
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    Sun, not all girls are whores. She probably just loved him.

    Is this in Liaoning or in Beijing? My female can talk to her - she can make anyone happy.

    Unfortunately I'm probably not allowed to "help" her either :(
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    haha, I know you all want to be good guy and help her.
    I did not say she is a whore.
    I just wonder whether she knows that it is immoral to be a disturber if she knows that the guy has a family. I also should say the guy cheated the girl and is a bad apple. Love can not be an excuse to cheat.
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    The girl wasn't committed to a lifelong relationship with someone else, so I don't think it's a question of her morals. The guy, of course, is a turd-monger, since he had made such commitments and obviously wasn't living up to them. The girl wasn't cheating on anyone, she was just stupid.
    But really, why are you asking if he's rich if you're not insinuating that she's a whore?
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    @Sun - The guy is not rich. Just an average Chinese guy also from Shenyang so it has been real love from her side. I'm just not sure if the guy actually loved her as much as she believed. I don't know the guy too well. My female only doesn't allow me to help her because we have our own problems to deal with. My female knows a girl in that situation can bring a lot of extra trouble to us...

    @莫明 - They are both here in Beijing, the guy lives in Dongzhimen, girl in wudaokou. Everything happened here. Tonight she managed to eat but very little and she calmed down but her mind is still not hers, she talks a lot of nonsense like a half-dead person. Her housemates (a couple) are back and I can feel they have some complains about her which they have not spoken out - I hope they will inform the police. I just have a feeling something bad may happen to that girl soon if she does not have the chance to get reconnected with her secret BF. If you live in wudaokou, we could all go have dinner together to expand her network and give her some new memories - and new people to disturb...
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    Hi, guys, there ia an old saying in China:
    Even the smartest judger can not have a clear vision of the dispution of a family.
    Not accurate translation, ha
    Wish that girl good luck.
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    Your title is so GNIYONNA
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:
    well, since her flat mates are back and she's eating, sounds like her situation's a bit better. First breakups are really hard for girls..
    I live way out at Shuangjing, so it's pretty hard to get to Wudaokou during the week...
    Typing upside down is awesome btw, how long did that take you?
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    @ 莫明 - My brother had sent me an email with that subject - so I used it on a story that actually deserved it hehe

    @ Peter - "No Passion" indeed :D , don't forget #❶or 1st ... it's a cold season and we're all assholes in someway. oops, true but kidding ;)

    3 days ago I made my first forum post on this website titled "SEX"... it wasn't upto 10 mins before I got a first reply, and another, and another... and guess what - heavy critics although the contents were clean and unique - only the title was "SEX". After a few hours, I came back to get the results of my research but the topic was deleted... given reason(s)? Because it contained "SEX"

    So Yesterday I decided to throw in this from my diary - which does not contain "SEX"... I got no response for many hours hehe... So that up there was thrown at the responsible dictators - not to you ;)

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