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  • Saint - Spartacus
    Saint - Spartacus wrote:
    my boyfriend with me for more than one years, and he always keep his interest to chat with girls in internet , meet them, add them in msn, that never change and i suffer for more than one years, i believe he love me , but, he love to keep that behavior too, i don't know how many time i can still stand of it , if it's your case, what will you do? will you give up ? he always say to me if that 's important ? and if that 's my business?, but , i guess , i feel so precarious &insecure , and sad all the time , i don't know , just give me an answer, thanks !!! best my friends !!!
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Depends on his reason for talking with them. If it's only girls, not related to business or his profession and he refuses to stop doing it, then it's definitely a problem.

    And yes, to answer his question, it IS your business.

    Have a talk with him and be honest: tell him how strongly you dislike this behavior and how you think it's indicative of a bigger problem with the relationship.

    If he refuses to stop doing it, then he's not the guy for you. Break up, move on and find someone who enjoys spending time and talking with you -- not an army of virtual girlfriends.
  • Saint - Spartacus
    i just saw that he moved out a naked girl in his list, of course every guy like naked girls , i 've talked for maybe 100 times , but for him,eveytime likes a boring stuff , and he just keep his way , i can 100 persent for sure that he won't change his way to be a humain being ... thanks , i'm his reallife girl friend, but it seems he want to keep both virtual friends & me , i understand finally ...........
    time to say goodbye
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    we'll support u Hanson just go to say goodbye to him. That is stupid man.
    but if i were u?/ if you still care abt him?/ if you still love him ,,, u better give him a chance for test him again, u will see the truth. ...
  • Saint - Spartacus
    i 've give him 2 times chance and i wait him for one year to changing, but actually , nothing happen, how can be a person change for you? i feel hard to love in such way , waiting sb to change
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    AWW;( DEAR GOSH, Have a try to talk with him and mention get married (just a test)then will see his reflect.?!
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    Get rid of him. He seems like an asshole. If you can't walk away in the face of at worst, a cheating boyfriend and best, a flirtatious one who enjoys chatting up girls and exchanging nude pics, then you have codependency issues.

    And no, Blair. Popping the marriage question to a guy will inevitable scare him off.

    Good luck. And remember what they say about a new year:

    Let old acquaintances be forgot.
  • Alida Mafi Norheim
    It's time to say goodbye! I'm sure you will have a better life.,
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:
    Can you have the same behavior that him? How would he feel, if you would do the same?
    a) If angry, then he knows that he are doing a bad thing.
    b) if he doesn´t care, then... you should talk with him, try to know why this thing is so important for him, why he needs to have this virtual harem.
    I think that maybe is insecurity, maybe he needs to know that he has a open doors, if the relation finishes bad. He has some women in reserve, for use in the future like a painkiller.
    But fear and mistrust are not a good land for cultivate the love, so if you can not remove the bad grasses, is time to say good bye (the life is short, don´t spend your time -asking pears to a elm - a spanish expresion for these cases).

    And if you wants to know why the men and women doing stupid things in the love, I recommend you one book, -Art of love- by Erich Fromm, psychologist and humanist (good mix XD), is short and you can download of internet.

    Good luck!!
  • OoööOOoööo00OOööoo
    dont wait anymore,get over him..hes not worth it...
    i ve seen a movie,its something about ask someone to help you break up with you bf/gf.mostly are girls ask them to break up with their own bf.strange right?but no...actually it tells a fact,that girls always believe guys bullshit.especially when you are about to break up with him,he just has the ability to make you believe that he s gonna change~but after that moment,he just becomes like the old way again.many girls cant just break up with their bf,just because their heart are not like rock...

    what i want to say to you is,make up your mind,know what you want,then move~dont always give him another chance,another chance..its never gonna end~

  • Saint - Spartacus
    no, he is nice actually , a good man , evern too much good for all the people,
    he never traite me in that type of things , but i feel sorrow if the net relationship become a principle life mode even more important than the real life , i was in the real
    life , i know more and more people accepte it and influenced so deep in their life, hard to change, it's so normal even in couple , but i think also it's a strange thing to keep both those relationship in your hand
  • Winnie
    Winnie wrote:
    oh, HANSON, you are just blind..he's NOT a good man. at least to my standard.
    it's sort of betray to chat to other girls, and actually meet them. who knows if he's flirting, which is very likely.
    and you know what, even if he was a good man, you are not happy. you used SUFFER in your post. thats what you are going through in this relationship. why continue the suffering.
    if i was a detective and you hired me, i'd add him on MSN and meet him and tell you what happened. it's probably gonna break your heart and you know what. that's the true real life. you are still living in your excuese YOU YOURSELF find for him. like the "i am his real life gf' thing.
    just stop it, girl..you are unhappy. be strong! just move on
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    just start to stop in the way like everybody tells you here. start to have a different attitude to "relationship", if he gives you the feeling of trust and that you know you always can call you, that he loves you, that he will drive two hours to you because your happy and want him to share that. than its your boyfriend. if you can discuss with him about interesting things, thans its his boyfriend ,
    just be open about his sexuality. it has maybe nothing to do with the feelings towards you.
    the best thing is, when you meet other man for flirting as well, you two just need to talk about the line. for me it was okay when my ex made out with other man, I encouraged her to do that.
    It never came to sex though, and we never talked abotu that issue, but probably I would have told her, that she can do that as well,
    I just knew, that I was the best one for her, and that she will be always mine as long as I want it.
  • Saint - Spartacus
    i never met a guy treat me so good as him , and i never love a guy so deep excepte him, Maybe i am a poor girl, it's like my destiny , or sth about the cap between culture,
    or just the age cap in mind , we don't really need net relationship if we are enough in real life , and i can never hold sb enough , you are right maybe
  • Turkmenbaschi
    Turkmenbaschi wrote:
    so either you try to change his way of life, or you try to change your inner attidude, if maybe you still can be together with you, when you look away from the normal social rules about "relationships" and if you can create your own rules.
    I think here its a good point in your life where you just should think about a time out for maybe 2 weeks. and tell him clearly, that you would do that not because its the first step for breaking up, but maybe the first step to an other way, other definition of relationship.

  • Winnie
    Winnie wrote:
    oh believe me, i have let go some one i loved too. it's a hard decision. but in the end, i am happier. you just need to put together the guts to make the hard decision for yourself.
    HANSON, the point is, you are not happy. love or not, it's not worth it when you aint happy. i cant tell you that you would be happier if you broke up with him, everyone's different.
    no one can tell you what to do. it's your life and your decision to make.
    good luck and yay, happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go get some pretty clothes...every girl loves that for sure.
  • N@N@
    N@N@ wrote:
    if he is my boyfriend,i already broke up with him 100 times. today is new year..forget the pass,and move on,sweetie..wish you the best for new year.
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    1st he loves chatting with girls,probably is because he wants some more fresh stuffs in his life,maybe he is just dislike to be the same everyday and feel bored
    2nd still to be with you,because he is aware of that those girls are just like the toyes or stuffs he uses for kiling his boring time,but u r the only one in his life.
    3rd he is still with you but maybe he will move out to somebody else once one day he find that is exactly his MISSS RIGHT?

    option 3 seems like really a big problem and a headache problem

  • Peter S 李贝勒
    i think talking with girls is ok, it s always good to have new conversations, and beiing curious, u can learn new things... but if he meet them it s an another pb. Ur guy have definitly something else in the head... So, or u allowed u to do the same, play around, or u don t want to have an open relationship and u say 88... anyway, just take care of u

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