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  • Doris_zhangw
    Doris_zhangw wrote:
    Here is Job discription for your infomation.If you interested, please feel free to contact me. You can send your CV to: wen.zhang1@hisoft.com
    1. Control translation quality to meet clients’ expectation;
    2. Maintain the glossary and translation memory;
    3. Answer translators’ linguistic questions;
    4. Communicate with clients about translation quality criteria and solve quality issues if any
    5. Execute linguistic testing and bug fixing
    1. Native speaker(Japanese、Brazil Portugese、Spanish、Italian); Good command of English both at speaking and writing;
    2. Bachelor above; Major at computer science;
    3. Software localization experience is preferred;

    Feel free to send CV to me: wen.zhang1@hisoft.com

  • Thomas Hoel
    Thomas Hoel wrote:
    Oh Oh, I'm a half portuguese, half french guy living in Portugal.
    Nonetheless let me warn you, brazillian portuguese is almost the same as portuguese from Portugal, however portuguese is more accepted.
    So, to sum it up, I can speak English, Portuguese, French and Spanish, fluently, as if they were my mother tongue ^_^. In my opinion, I'm extremely fluent in English and Portuguese. As far as French and Spanish go, I'm just fluent, to the point that I can maintain a conversation.

    I'm the best wow.
    Anyways, too bad I'm just 16 years old, and I don't even live in China... Wouldn't mind living there at all ^^

    See ya, and good luck.
  • Joachim Bøhn
    Joachim Bøhn wrote:
    I have a friend from Cuba, speaking Spanish and her English is fluent . But not major in computer science. Do you think that she has a chance?

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