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  • Dan Lin
    Dan Lin wrote:
    but very very hesitating.....cause i'm a girl,and my parents will be blame me,but i want to get one .just a beautiful and small one.do you guys think it's work??i mean to a chinese girl...
  • Jiayu Dong
    Jiayu Dong wrote:
    i made piercing a few months ago. i persuaded strongly my parents to accept that before piercing and they FINALLY agreed. Tattoo works in the same way, better let your parents know what u wanna do and try to persuade them first. Doing Tattoo or piercing, which are not popular in China, should get permitted by parents or at least let them know. they will prob get mad if u doing that without their notice.
  • Jamie Wen
    Jamie Wen wrote:
    I think it's ok. I have one on my left shoulder. Do it if you like.
  • Luyi Si
    Luyi Si wrote:
    i have 3 tattoos ...one one eact arm and one on my back right shoulder...will get 4th soon
    Tattoos on women are ...well......sexy. ....................
  • Alex
    Alex wrote:
    I love tattoos!
    I think girls with tattoo (doesn't matter age and/or nationality) have something special :)

    Anyway, keep in mind your tattoo will follow you forever.
    I would suggest you to think a lot about it...don't make it just because it's cute and cool, look for some tattoo which has some meaning for you and your life.
  • Jamie Wen
    Jamie Wen wrote:
    Alex made the point.
    Think it through before you go.
  • Notoro Kawabata
    well think twice to get tattoos in the hands if u gonna think - someday- to get a job that is not "rockstar", "pusher" or "designer" -with reservations-, some companies blame on that.
    Not the hands, not the face......the neck just if you can cover it with your hair.
  • anita sønsterud
    I'm going to make it this summer holiday after such a long hesitation.but neck or back??Jesus christ!tell me where to make!
  • R-R
    R-R wrote:
    i TOTALY understand ur feeling so i gonna get my tatoos after a few more years...
    I think tatoo is not something give u a chance to regret.I gonna get something i belive in or i really like or my passion is.So i goona get a little small black rose on my angles and an OM on my arm or my waist.But diffrence is i gonna draw this Om myslef and follow my feelings.i have been doing it for a long time expecially when im in class draw them on the desk haha
    Cakra is a good tatoo to have too!Desire it by urself!
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    Which particular part of the body. Describe the body part and we can be of help. If you fear your parents, then put it where they will not see it, but the people you intend to see it will see it. Okay?
  • anita sønsterud
    I'm not afriad of my family to see it.but still in China you know there have some so-called traditional chinese feel ashamed about it.but hell we love rock N roll so who will give a damn?i think neck is way more sexy?

    yeah,i will desigh myself,I know the artist can drow it well=)i will never tattoo any male's name,perhaps my son or my dad....but this is way too far.haha..indeed that is a terrible idea.if there have a man only because of my tatto to reject me i will tell him go to the hell.whatever....
  • R-R
    R-R wrote:
    To Rose: U are right girl ,why didnt thought of it.You are so right about heena.Its cool also but most of them just make logos u know .So dont know if they could draw what u want ....I guess its still have limited but still a good thing to try
  • anita sønsterud
    to this 2 roses above:I have no idea about it.sounds great probably i can give a try if they can draw whatever i want.
    am i able to find it in beijing?
  • Valmir Shala
    Valmir Shala wrote:
    belive me a tatoo is forever if u have this kind of doubt don t do it i mean maybe later i can regret it...u must to be really sure that u wanna it and also make something that have a meaning for u not only because u think that is beatifull because maybe after 6 years u can think that s is not so beatifull...anyway i think that tatoo are realy nice on everybody so i say yes if u are really sure do it ;p
  • Xiao
    Xiao wrote:
    Go get one then.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Wow, glad to see this surface again. I'm thinking about getting something like this tattooed on me. Checkered flag half sleeve on my arm and shoulder blade and one of my racing pictures overlayed on top of it. Like this:

    Opinions, anyone?
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    girls with tattoos are so sex... I have a whole folder full of pictures of girls with tattoos and not little ones either.. like almost covering the whole body, big ones, colourful ones, and etc... it turns me on, keep in mind as it is women are viewed as a sex objects and getting tattoos just makes you more of a sex toy... in my mind anyways.. thou there is nothing wrong with that, you girls need to be protected and provided for by us males, the more sex you make yourself the higher chance of marrying an alpha male, also there is a hip to waist ratio we look at, to see if you can provide healthy children or not
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    Did I ever tell the story here?Maybe yes,maybe no.
    Never mind,I'm gonna repeat it.
    Here it goes:

    There is the boyfriend and girlfriend,they like each other so much,however boyfriend got a tatoo of girlfriend's face on his arm.But one day,things just changed.They broke up for some reasons.And then boyfriend went to the tattoo store & got a tattoo of a pair of sunglass.U know where did he put the sunglasses?The top of the girlfriend's face tattoo on his arm.
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    I just had the idea to get a lipstick kiss tattooed somewhere on my body.....
  • anita sønsterud
    @nina:that's a good one,haha
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    My little brother drew big tribal looking swirls on his chest and shoulders and then went to the tattoo shop and said, "Follow my design." Now he has some bad ass tribal tattoos that no one else on Earth has beside him. He is the last member of his tribe.... I have no idea what influenced his idea, but it looks really awesome.
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
    Ukiyo-e and ancient Chinese painting are good for tattoo.
    Recommended Toriyama Sekien's Painting of ghosts, each one could become perfect tattoo.
    [Toriyama Sekien: http://shanghaiyiki.blogbus.com/logs/16279680.html ]
    [Chinese style plants with poems: http://www.douban.com/photos/album/23469082/ ]

    My ideal tattoo is a mermaid (fierce face, fangs, Geisha clothes).
    But still, the whole feeling should be quite Yamato-e style, with Utagawa style lotus leves , and blue waves from Hokusai painting.

    Sth like this :http://www.douban.com/photos/photo/418415425/

    but I guess my mum would kill me if i really make one of these tattoo...囧
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Astaroth, it is a my own design. The background is a pic from the net but it's just a checkered flag, who cares. The bike #276 is actually a racing photo of me from 2008.
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    I never personally got into the body modification scene, but painted and pierced chicks make me harder than Chinese algebra. You ought to think long and hard about what you want etched into your flesh, where to put it, and who you want holding the needle. Some tattoos do not age well.
  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    Yeah. That too. Talk nerdy to me.
  • Simen Wangberg
    "you girls need to be protected and provided for by us males, the more sex you make yourself the higher chance of marrying an alpha male, also there is a hip to waist ratio we look at, to see if you can provide healthy children or not"

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Oh c'mon..... Was all that really called for Mike? Are you frustrated or something?

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Wooops Mike looks like I made an ass of myself by directing that at you..... Must be something I ate making me blind.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:
    In b4 Emperor Dingleberry has another epileptic cesar.
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Augustus is what happens when someone combines chauvinism with a literal interpretation of Mystery & Co's books...
  • Joakim Berg Solum
    Augustus wrote:

    "bash me all you want.... but know this; that I will guide your penis not block it... and yes mystery is awesome, and I did not read that book, thou I would love too... If you haven't noticed I cant read or write, my girl types these for me ;p lol jokes thats just me stroking my ego and my cock at the same time lol ( dead serious ) ... its 715am here and I just got home.. fucked one girl in the washroom of the club/bar then made out with two other girls ( different locations ).. and lets not start with the numbers game ( lol cause I only got one )... writing an exam in 40 mins, wait just smelt my fingers and they smell ( borat accent) very nice lol ahahah, scary part is I wont wash myself because the scent of another women on your body helps you dramatically in getting female attention... I will shower when I get back home to sleep.. I know you were like wait is he gonna shower ever.. yea I will... when I die lol... no I will for real.. AUGUSTUS OUT... peace in the middle east

    p.s - 5% percent of the men in the world fuck 90% of the women...

    and yes I will delete this message as I have been deleting all my other messages I post.. due to the fact that I and I hope I am not alone.. I meet with girls off this site and have a sexual relationship with them.. thou I am sure they dont know about these forums.. if so, hey babe :) "

    Quoted for posterity's sake. I'd rather not have another man guide my penis though...
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    fml you sly cunt lol fuck im late hardcore talk to yall later
  • Pete DeMola
  • Simen Wangberg

  • anita sønsterud
  • Mari Vidste
    Mari Vidste wrote:
    jon gu, you are indeed one sly motherfucker! who would expect there is a man with so much spare time and pent up savvy out there questing for truth. what was your window of copy-opportunity on that?

    tattoos are a huge turnoff to me, and augustus' folder full of suicide girls is enough to make this priss puke, but as before i have this strange urge to defend him despite all his freakshow homoeroticism and washroom braggadocio.

    play on, augustus!
  • Natasha Bowen
    Natasha Bowen wrote:
    ;p thanks name in chinese character which I can not read. I truly appreciate your brotherly love and confidence in me despite your negative yet entertaining comments. I am planning on teaching game, I would like one of yall ( you, texas talk lol ) to come out with me one day... no charge of course, I want to confirm to myself that I am able to take someone raw under my wing and inject them with game and elite social skills, I ask in return just cover the expenses for the day or night depending what game you wish to learn, expenses being taxi rides, drinks, and if any club entrance fees. Society looks down upon men learning these skills which is a load of dick cheese... everything in life we do is an art, and besides fucking and fighting we learn everything else.. even eating was taught to us by our mothers, you notice when you are sad or depressed we eat, well when we were children and we cried due to pains from hunger or w.e the case may have been ( my mom dropped me lol) our sadness was resolved by our mothers sticking a tit in our mouth and we ate milk those whom have not been breast feed like myself, they still stuck a bottle in our mouth... certain japanese samurais would perfect the method of pouring tea religiously, each one would perfect a specific art.. as men it is our duty to perfect ourselves, in this day and age since we aren't hunting and gathering all day, we have the privilege to perfect many skills... from labour to running fortune 500 companies to running countries, why not to undressing gorgeous women.

    A wise man once told me; A fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man learns from others. That being said be a wise man, for I have made mistakes that have costed me the love of my life, almost my life, not to mention all the time ( most valuable, you wont get it back ), money ( not chump change either ) needless to say not fucking the targets resulting to the ever so depressing act of touching yourself to sleep to what could have been a memorable night. To put it simply.. lets say you see a attractive female 1. you dont even talk to her.. so thats done 2. you do talk and you fuck it up .. remember she is going to spread her legs for someone and scream out harder, fuck me, ahh harder.. Why cant that guy be you.. what is he doing right that you are not. Guys and Girls private message me your questions and thoughts... I am only accepting one male for this...

    p.s I am a sexual human, I am not apologizing for this... you dont like it just hate mail me :)
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:
  • Tonje Dahl
    Tonje Dahl wrote:


  • Einsteinna
    Einsteinna wrote:

    我觉得没什么吧,我脚踝以上小腿以下有一个,我tattoo之前跟我妈妈讲过了,每天都讲一次,尤其是在tattoo的前一天,弄完了以后他们也没什么反应,现在tattoo的人越来越多了,又不是社会青年,没什么好担心的阿,况且弄一个小小的也没什么,自己喜欢就行了,一定要找个好一点的地方弄啊! :)

  • Marius Berg
    Marius Berg wrote:

    yeah, me too, looking to do on in my legg ~

    it's cool nice and 4ever




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