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  • Jonathan Aaron Alpart
    Jonathan Aaron Alpart wrote:
    hi. im trying to start a band. ive been trying to form a band for about a year here but i havent met anyone who is committed. which is weird, because im not even that good and i dont expect you to be.

    i have enough songs written to play shows and maybe record an album one day.

    check out some of those songs here:

    i dont care who you are, chinese or foreign, girl or boy, gay or straight, fat or skinny, short or tall. just like music and want to have fun. and you have to commit to practicing enough to learn the songs and play some shows.

    ok, thanks.
  • Patrick Coleman
    love that punk rock music of yours! need some vocals? sort of sid vicious to danzig to cradle of filth voice?
  • Andam Aso Aziz
    is it ok to perform on a regular working visa?? i'd be willing jam sometime.
  • Sasha 莎莎 Wang
  • Andam Aso Aziz

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