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  • HumphreY
    HumphreY wrote:
    Hi there,

    I received invitation from the member called "Hooters Beijing" twice already. It's obviously a spam account to with commercial motivations.

    Don't get me wrong. No problem with Hooters as such. They serve tasty hot dogs. But I'm here on this platform to make new (human) friends and not make friend to an american fastfood chain. There are other channels than that.

    Now thanks to "Hooters Beijing" I made use of the "block user from contacting me"-button for the first time.

    But I think generally some sort of possibility to report spam would be a nice feature here.

  • Mai Quant
    Mai Quant wrote:
    it is actually the people from Hooters. I know cause I have contacted them. There is a Hooters Beijing branch, and they have the right to promote their events on the site.
  • Mai Quant
    Mai Quant wrote:
    but I will tell them to promote their restaurant through the group and not the profile.
  • TonyDice
    TonyDice wrote:
    could be worse, though: I mean, you're getting spam from a local pub that specializes in large breasted women. don't sweat the small stuff eh?

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