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  • Felicia
    Felicia wrote:
    The erhu (Chinese fiddle) is an ancient music instrument that is extremely popular in China today for both traditional and contemporary music.

    The erhu's musical range spans about four octaves. Its two strings are typically tuned a fifth apart to d and a. Its sound is similar to a violin, but differs by being much more nasal in quality.

    The lesson just teach you how to play it well,teach you some basic skills and learn some Chinese songs or music and also some foriegn songs and help you know some erhu's histroy also including some Chinese culture.

    Classroom location:wangfu street,beiqijia,changping dist,beijing(subway line 5 at tiantongyuan and bus line 3)

    The charge for the erhu class:70rmb/hour

    If you are interested in this instrument and want to learn more,please don't feel hesitate to reply or contact me:
    phone number:13522893691

    Thanks for noticing
    Best wishes!!
  • Miriam Pedersen
    That sounds interesting...
  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:
    Is playing the Erhu harder than playing the violin?

    It's something I'm currently on the fence about.
  • Felicia
    Felicia wrote:
    Hi Daniel,
    hm..there are 4 strings of violin and 2 strings of erhu,so in this way,I think the erhu will be easier!
    while,the sounds & style are totally different!
    Maybe you can download some erhu music to feel her sounds or "soul"...haha
  • wrote:
    i also play er hu,i studied it for 10 years.nice topic =)

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