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  • James .C (Singapore)
    James .C (Singapore) wrote:
    how wld it be? girl n boy , girl and girl, boy and boy or group...how and what's an ideal Christmas dinner?
    A day to spend quality time?
    A day of spending quality love making time?
    A day of reuniting with long lost friends?
    A day of reconcile?
    what else?
  • Veronica Skagen
    I would say.. it's a day to spread love..
  • James .C (Singapore)
    A day of reconcile would be the most romantic thing too happen on christmas...where both broken off for a misunderstanding..went separate ways...did stupid things to cause hatred. Over years, friends of theirs spoke to them, and they soon realise its all a miscommunication, and had no form of contact of each other even friends of each do not have of the girl...(the girl went on a charity work in a war torn country, no form of communication)
    This christmas, the guy being based in shanghai...walks around aimlessly and bumped into a lady who was selling gingerbread cookies for the poor...he help her pick up the bags of cookies ...raising their head they saw each other...they look into each others eyes.....tears came dripping from their eyes...no words said..they hugged each other so tight that no bullet can penetrate thru...that nite they spend dinner with the kids that she was helping for charity...and they kissed and kissed all nite...
    *sob sob*

    *treasure who u have*

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