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  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)
    叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹) wrote:

    Another 30 days to go, and then this year will be over ...

    Not really sure about how everyone thinks about it, but "New Year Resolution" used to be a big thing ... I have not come up with mine yet, maybe someone has already?
  • 张翯
    张翯 wrote:
    yep... i think of the button of the year but i didn't think the New Year yet...
    n I think this is will be end and what i haven't done yet in this year...
  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:
    I am going to wank less
  • Ruby Cai
    Ruby Cai wrote:
    time goes so quick....year end is on its way to us now...and 2009 is a big year to myself..too many memories...good or bad, hehe..wotever...gona celebrate it i guess..hopefully its happy year end to everyone :)
  • Winnie
    Winnie wrote:
    i wonder what happened to everyone's this new year resolution.
    i pretty much did it:)
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    Well Im just thinking about the coming XMAS and looking forward to have my CNY trip at the moment,and yes,I did have some thoughts about this year,it is not just time goes so fast,most important is Im getting more and more better years by years,everything runs more and more better also.So the next year will be continuing and hopefully will be more better!!! :)

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