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  • OoööOOoööo00OOööoo
    OoööOOoööo00OOööoo wrote:

    everyone.please let me know if you know where i can buy Dr.pepper in Beijing,i really need it!thank you all so much!!

  • Saint - Spartacus


    just do it

  • Helene Haugland
    On the opposite side of the Foreign Language Book Store on the Fangfujing street is a supermarket called 'Ole' (or so) on floor B1.
    Buy it there!
  • Portable Alpha
    Ole, Jenny Lou all have it. There is also a steakhouse that actually has dr. pepper (and mrs. pimp, moutain dew, etc.), it's around friendship store, about a quarter mile west of british embassy.

    Jenny Lou
    (Call them, this list doesn't cover all the shops they own, there are many in san li tun and CBD area)

    Steaks & Eggs
  • Shane
    Shane wrote:
    Lol I don't know anything about doctor pepper.... but I do know theres a place right by my house that sells Pabst Blue Ribbon :)

    U.S. Represent! Thats like my all time-fav. college beer

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