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    Jinnan wrote:
    Providing professional, reliable, fast, reasonalbe price VISA service.
     F(business visa) and Z(working visa) invitation letter
     F/L/Z visa extension or conversion
    To switch from L visa to F visa, 6 months, one/two/multiple entry
    To switch from L/F visa to Z visa
    To switch from Z/X(student visa) to 1-month L(tourist visa)

    To extend L visa for 1/2 months
    To extend F visa for 3 month, 6 month or a complete year
    To extend Z visa for a year
     Working Visa Application Sponsoring
    To sponsor you get a working visa, working permit, residence permit

     Chinese Driver License Application
     Chinese Driver License Conversion

     Rep Office Registration
     WOFE Registration
     Joint Venture Registration

    We provide professional service and we are famous for numerous clients and big companies partnership.
    How to get to my office?
    Option 1, If you take subway, get off at Dongzhimen Subway station, out from EXIT D, and then keep going forward like 200 meters, you will see CYTS PLAZA. My office is in 7th floor, 707.

    Option 2, If you take a taxi or drive by yourself, my location is at southwest of DONGZHIMEN Bridge, on side of 2nd Ring Road.
    If you have any problems with direction, you can also pass your mobile to taxi driver, I can explain. Or just call me directly.

    Working Time:
    We work from 8:30am to 5:30pm from Monday to Friday.
    If you want to make an appointment at weekend(Saturday and Sunday), also available. Just call me in adavance.

    Contact me on:
    Echo Wong
    Mobile: +86-01-150 010 28493
    OP: (86) (01)5815 6222-116 ext No.
    Email: echowong1986@gmail.com
    MSN: jinnanwang2008@hotmail.com
    Skype: jinnanwang2008

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