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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Why does some Chinese people walk backwards even on the treadmill on the gym? I thought this was something people did as a memorization exercise (when you walk backwards, you need to be more aware of your surroundings in order not to crash or fall down a cliff..).. but on the treadmill, I just don't get..? Anyone here who does this that could give me a explanation that makes sense? :-)

    And to spice up the discussion, if you dont know, what do YOU think is the reason? ;-)
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    walk backwards on the treadmill?? what??
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:

     never did that, but so far as i know or guess, it is related to Chinese medicine theory, which understand the body not by visible cell or organ but by invisible Jing/Luo.

    Thus,stepping backward is believed as using an alternative way to motivate the usage of Jing/Luo, similar to some practices like head stand, in Yoga theory. or think about Gongfu, which is also related to Chinese medicine theory or fundamentally, Yi Jing.

  • Fahad Hashmi
    Fahad Hashmi wrote:

    coz it burns several times more calories than traditional way of jogging exercise, your balance increases,  ur vision and hearing powers increase.i think its good 4 u too :P

  • Cathleen
    Cathleen wrote:
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Not just on the treadmill ...

    If a certain public road is wide enough, you will see people walking backwards, often risking bumping into other people, or worse, cars driven by bats ... i.e. blind and/or careless people ...
  • Aurélien
    Aurélien wrote:
    I think it's some kind of medical thing or whatever. You often see them doing something with their hand at the same time, like beating their wrist.
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:

    beating is for activate acupuncture point~ I guess.

  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    Interesting, I never saw noticed that!
    I see a lot of Chineses in the gym but never saw they walking backwards.

  • Miss Nice
    Miss Nice wrote:
    i never seen one of that
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    It is a balance thing. If you walk forward all the time there is also reverse, so in order to balance out your body and keep it harmony you should reverse it too. Run those miles off of the odometer so to speak. Yin/yang unity of opposites sort of thing. I always thought it was weird too until it was explained to me by my Martial arts master. Chinese are pretty in tune with the body even though it does not seem like some of them have a clue when it comes to exercise and working out.
    the chinese jerks, to which there are a minority, at my gym tend to make a right mess of everything they touch, pose in front of the mirror, exhibit no shame going for a "run" in their jeans, turn all the tv's on full ball, talk on their phones and grow garlic under their arm pits, to which they romanticly leave on the equipment.

    other than that they're great "human beings"

  • DonkeyTonk
    DonkeyTonk wrote:
    There's a dude who always wears his jeans and formal shoes at my Gym. It makes me smile.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Ryan ... I hope you dont have to pay much for your membership, cause that really sucks ...

    Richard ... what you see as "formal shoes" might in fact be his casual wear already ...

    I never consider myself well dressed or trendy kind of guy, but I wish that the police in China can issue ticket to those people who "mix and crash", e.g. black leather shoes with white (or black) socks, but with a pair of shorts or running pants ...

  • Miriam Pedersen
    Dunno what's wrong wearing jeans and leather shoes in gym...I usually prefer sportswear myself. But I don't see any problem, .IF you are only there working on your upperbody muscles....weightlifting etc.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahahaha ... my wife asked me to send our hair dryer to Beijing, and it had not been used much ... would any of you guys like to use it?

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