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  • 刘鲲
    刘鲲 wrote:
    Hey, for all of you who love basketball, we should go and play sometimes.
  • Aurélien
    Aurélien wrote:
    I actually never really played basketball. But if you need players, I'll be in. I'm still out of American football for one or two more weeks.
  • Henriette Eilertsen
    Sounds great, will keep you posted.
  • Robin Wang (王小辉)
    sorry , what do you mean? playing basketball in the gym or just doing it outside. cause it's cold these days.
  • Henriette Eilertsen
    Pending on weather for sure, gyms for cold wather, outdoor for warm days....
  • Amalie Nilsen
    Amalie Nilsen wrote:
    i'm in!
    u can count on me in your team.
    let's play basketball in gyms,i will bring my friends too.
    so what do u think?
  • Keysy
    Keysy wrote:
    There is a new competition being played at the Canadian International School every Sunday. New season is about to start. The standard is quite good with a mix of local and expat teams. I play with an expat team named after our sponsor La Pizza, made up of a mixed group of Itallians, Cubans, Serbians, Poles, Canadians, Americans and Aussies. We are currently looking for a couple of good players to fill out our team. If you got game send me a message with details of your playing experience.
  • Amalie Nilsen
    Amalie Nilsen wrote:
    canadian international school? where is that? can u tell me?
    i wanna play if it's in the gym,because it's cold outside
  • Keysy
    Keysy wrote:
    Liangmahe Lu. Good indoor court.
  • Patrick Coleman
    hey guys if you still need one more player count me in i play point guard in my high school days.
  • Keysy
    Keysy wrote:
    New season of the International League at CIS starting soon. More info contact David:

    David Gros
    General Manager Five-Star Basketball China
    10-2 Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Compound
    No.22 Dongfang East Road Chaoyang District
    Beijing 100600 China
    Tel: (86)(10) 8532-1919
    Fax: (86)(10) 8532-1999
    E-mail: dgros@five-starbasketball.cn
  • Amalie Nilsen
    Amalie Nilsen wrote:
    it's only for 10-18 years old?
    geezzz . . .

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