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  • Kitty
    Kitty wrote:
    Do you wanna a good job? Do you wanna get a high-paying jobs ?If you want . Waiting for what? Act now… If you learn Chinese in our school which will provide high-paying employment opportunities… If you get the job,we will give you free of charge for one year business visa.
    We offer
    ▲Grammar ▲ Speaking ▲ HSK
    ▲Basic ▲ Elementary-intermediate ▲ Advanced
    Professional teachers
    All our teachers are full-time Chinese teachers from renown colleges. Well-experienced in teaching Chinese as a second languages. All of them speak English and have at least 5yesrs working experience .Great teaching methods and vivid teaching material.
    Various courses
    We offer
    VIP class (flexible schedule, maximum improvement)
    Small group class(value for money ,discussion environment)¥40/hour
    Big class (cheap, new friends)
    Personal service
    Free entrance to our regular parties which will help you get to know about Chinese culture, calligraphy and drawing, guzheng and erhu and so on…Help you to book plane tickets with special discounts. Free beverages to smoother the hot summer every time you arrive.
    If you are interested it please call on 010-62670486
    Or email on besttychinese@sina.com
    Act now, good job is waiting for you…
    Our web: http://www.besttychinese.com

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