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  • Zhishi Ruguo
    Zhishi Ruguo wrote:
    后来他们给我们一种方法,让我们去商务部,得到这个部门的批准。Anything wrong with this sentence?
  • 王经纬
    王经纬 wrote:
    “给”= give, !!? the better choice for this case is "建议"=suggest , which is more precise.
  • Zhishi Ruguo
    Zhishi Ruguo wrote:
    OK, thanks. I was just wondering, if “给一个建议" works, why "给一种方法”doesn't? It's a rule needs no explaination just like many others?
  • Ali Hafizullah
    "给"and‘”方法“they don't match in this sentence
  • ALK
    ALK wrote:
    I'm afraid the rules u're looking for don't exist. The sooner u realize that the better.
  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:
    “后来他们给我们提了个建议”,“后来他们提出了一种方法”,“后来他们给我们提出了一种方法”,“后来他们给出了一种方法”“后来他们替我们想了个办法/法子/主意/点子”,all are OK。As to why “给我们一种方法”is not OK, sorry I donno. Maybe that's how every language works. Grammar is crucial, but language is not abt rules, its all abt common usages. 加油!
  • Yuki Inés
    Yuki Inés wrote:

    严格来说,“让我们去商务部,得到这个部门的批准” 也有点别扭,因为后半句容易产生歧义,the final sentence could easily lead to misreading.

    since the subject of the whole sentence is 他们,but the subject who wanna gain the guarante from 这个部门is 我们。

    The verb "得到" make the sentence sound like a past perfect tense or past tensn, so change the verb 得到 could make the meaning more clear.

    Although after reading the whole sentence u can logically know the meaning, 但是读起来会有种断了的感觉。

    后来他们给我们提了个建议(as Da Fan said),让我们去商务部寻求批准。

    or  让我们去商务部,寻求这个部门的批准。

    verb"寻求"有一种future tense的感觉,所以读起来顺一些。

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