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    Delivery Staff (full-time) at BeijingHomeDelivery.com

    Job Title:

    * Delivery Staff (full-time) at BeijingHomeDelivery.com

    Job Summary:

    * Collecting and delivering products to foreign customers around Beijing. You'll be communicating with our customers, meeting them, and working hard to provide them with the best service possible.

    Job Details:

    * You'll be responsible for collecting products from our suppliers and delivering orders to customers;

    * Your primary goal is to ensure that our customers, foreigners living in Beijing, are as happy as possible;

    * You'll need to talk with our customers, make them feel comfortable, and understand how to help them;

    * You'll be working directly with one of our delivery van drivers and Jerry, our Delivery Manager;

    * You'll be working in a bilingual work environment, speaking about half Chinese and half English.

    Our Company:

    * We're an online shopping company delivering grocery, home and hard-to-find items to English-speaking customers throughout Beijing;

    * We're a young company (opened in July 2008) and growing at a rate of 10% per month;

    * We're a small company (just 8 people);

    * We're based in Wudaokou;

    * We're a modern and dynamic company which means that we try to do things in the smartest way possible.

    You should be:

    * An excellent English speaker and native Chinese speaker;

    * Very good at planning and organization;

    * A friendly and trustworthy person, able to communicate well with people;

    * Highly motivated to learn and improve the way you do things;

    * Strong enough to carry heavy boxes when delivering to customers;

    * Living near Wudaokou, or able to move here within the next 1 or 2 weeks.

    Salary and Working Times:

    * The salary is between 2,500 and 3,500RMB per month, accommodation and meals not included. This salary is likely to increase gradually over time depending on your performance. There are also plenty of opportunities for promotion to other jobs within the company;

    * We also provide bonuses for good performance;

    * You'll be working for 5 half-days and 1 full day per week. On half-days you can choose to work either from early in the morning until around 2pm, or from 1pm until late in the evening.


    * If you're interested in this job then e-mail Richard at: hr@beijinghomedelivery.com

    * Please include your CV and a cover letter in English explaining why you're interested in this job.

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