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  • Penta1
    Penta1 wrote:
    Here are some popular New words and phrases.What do you think about them? Are there this group of people around you? If you were one of this group of people what will you do,will you be tired.......?

    月(yuè) 光(guāng) 族(zú) (Moonlight clan):
    Yue guang zu(月光族)”moonlight clan” are not “moonlighters” in the English sense, rather it refers to the type of people who spend all their earnings each month. The two characters yue(月) and guang(光) in the phrase have nothing to do with the moon or light but mean yue yue hua guang(月月花光)“monthly income completely gone; the character zu (族) stands for a large group of people. Members of the moonlight clan are mostly young men and women who have just entered employment. They don’t usually earn very much and haven’t developed a habit of saving money, so all their money is used up at the end of each month. A male belonging to the moonlight clan is called Mr Moonlight and a female is called Miss Moonlight.

    房(fáng) 奴(nú)(House Slave):
    Fang nu(房奴)“house slave” refers to the group of people who have to spend a large part of their family income on a mortgage. Although they have bought a house or flat, their life is not easy. In order to pay off the mortgage they dare not easily change their job, dare not spend on entertainment, dare not travel, worry about falling ill and losing their job, let alone enjoy life. They have become slaves to the mortgage on their house or flat.

    恶(è) 搞(gǎo) (Mischief):
    The word ehgao (恶搞) “mischief”, used mainly on the Internet, refers to a subversive reprocessing of images of public figures, events, literary or artistic works and so no by means of scripts, graphics, videos, etc, in order to achieve the effect of a joke, humor, or irony. As this type of mischievous reprocessing usually goes beyond the normal moral boundary and is intended to destroy the true, good and beautiful images in people’s mind, it is called ehgao-literally,” evil making”.
  • Renate Hofstad
    u should talk about 啃老族(ken lao zu)
  • Penta1
    Penta1 wrote:
    啃(kěn)老(lǎo)族(zú)(NEET)”:“Not Currently Engaged in Education, Employment or Training ” .
    NEET group :There's a group of people who live depending on their parents, some of them perform obviously ,and others are concealed with some reasonable courses. They are afraid of hard work and stay at home relying on their parents subjectively, or they unconsciously take their parents as free "housekeeper" or ATM machine. They have the ability to make a live and can find job, but they don’t want to. They give up the opportunity .Scientist call this:” new unemployed community”.

    This is what i know of 啃(kěn)老(lǎo)族(zú),if you know more ,tell me please.
  • Minger
    Minger wrote:

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