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  • GQTattoo
    GQTattoo wrote:
    In Home Private Dog Training
    +86 13718027490
    email/MSN 82ndabn@live.com

    In-Home Private Dog Training is the most effective and fastest way to train your dog. I come to you, RIGHT WHERE THE PROBLEMS ARE, AT HOME!.... Group Classes can not help with problems AT HOME!! If you are in the Greater Beijing area I can come to your home. Call for a FREE Evaluation and Demo.

    Just a Few Areas I Can Help:

    * Potty Training
    * Not Listening
    * Jumping Up On People
    * Defecating Everywhere
    * Digging & Chewing
    * Jumping On Furniture
    * Pulling On The Leash
    * Bolting Out Doors
    * Dominance
    * Running Away
    * Stealing Things
    * Scratching doors
    * Begging & Whining

    * Over-activeness
    * Growling & Snapping
    * Aggression
    * Hating Other Dogs
    * Mounting
    * Crotch Sniffing
    * Behaving In The Car
    * Separation Anxiety
    * Excessive Barking
    * Fearfulness & Shyness
    * Over-Protectiveness
    * Marking
    * Chasing Kids, Cars & Cats
    * I also do basic Obedience training:
    sit, lay-down, stay, come, walking on and off leash.

    The majority of canine 'issues' are actually as a result of something the handler is either doing wrong, or not doing. Our dogs often mirror their environment or the energy they're around. If you're prepared to open your mind and change as much as you want your dog to change, then I look forward to working with the both of you. +86 13718027490
  • GQTattoo
    GQTattoo wrote:
    My goal is.... "Creating balance between dogs and people"

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