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  • Kitty
    Kitty wrote:
    Hello, guys ,after the trip to inner Mongolia , I can not wait to share with you some of this magical journey.
    An endless expanse of desert ,you can hear the voice of sand, which is the famous xiangshawan. My friends from all over the world formed a large team marched in the boundless desert , it’s amazing .and then in the yurts, everyone enjoy the freshest milk. inner Mongolia’s friends really warm!! At night we participated in inner mongolia-specific party. So interesting!! Ok ,reading here, whether you wanna travelling with us just call us.
    In December we are going in Heilongjiang, where the beautiful Ice and Snow World
    It’s a magical journey. Come on enjoy us~~~
    our number is 010-62670486
  • Philip Strøm
    Philip Strøm wrote:
    our friends from all over the word
  • WallE
    WallE wrote:
    I like inner Mongolia too. I went to around ChiFeng. It is a beauty place.
  • Astrid Marhaug
    really ,i hope we can travel together next time~
  • Mathilde Aas-torkildsen
    on december fifth we will go skiing .if you like ,you can come with us.the price is very cheap.if you want call me my phone is 010-62670486

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