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  • Mike Newton
    Mike Newton wrote:
    I've been playing the acoustic guitar for going on 12 years. I play lots of acoustic pop and some of my own style as well. I'm looking for other serious and talented musicians in Beijing who are interested in getting together. I don't care what country you're from or how well you speak English, music is the international language.

    Once again, serious musicians only. If you're interested, drop me a message!

  • Mike Newton
    Mike Newton wrote:
    P.S. I sing too.
  • Pernille Nordlie
    hey dude,

    I've been playing for 12 years (more electric but same difference).. prob not as good as I should be but hey.. + I kinda sing..

    You want to make money cover gigs? or originals??
  • Charlotte Svellingen
    I play piano, double bass, er-hu (chinese instruments) and I sing. I can sing jazz, pop, r & b, vocal music. I was studying in an art school in Taiwan for 6 years. I singing better.
  • Peter S 李贝勒
    hi sasha, we already talk about, we will do it again soon, next week i will have time... Mike, let s meet soon... oliver, let s meet soon too...
    i m always looking for new musician to meet and i always need singers... take care all of u and see u soon
  • Charlotte Svellingen
    Pierre, me, too! I have to do more thing, you know ;)
  • Mike Newton
    Mike Newton wrote:
    Messaged you both. :)
  • Elyse Ribbons
    Elyse Ribbons wrote:
    hey -- if you guys do manage to get anything together, the ShiFen Festival is going up early next month at Penghao Theater, would be a great place to show your stuff ;) http://www.cheekymonkeytheater.com/cmt/shifen.html

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