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  • 21232
    21232 wrote:
    which restaurant you like most to eat in? is it Arabic, Spanish, Italian, American or Chinese... let us know what you think about the beverage and cuisines there and also rates... as food doesn't come cheap..
  • Ikra Yousaf
    Ikra Yousaf wrote:
    i like SASH-the Uzbekistan restaurant, its sort of medium price there and you have a lot of variety, the appearence of resturant is so nice that you get angrossed in the cravings and paintings... food is steaming hot and delicious...

    secondly i like the "Al-Safa Arabic Resturant" in sanlitun... thats my country food so i don't have to use word for that... and its kinda cheap there...
  • Helene Haugland
    I love the Uama Teppanyaki Show Restaurant near the Worker's Stadium.
    You pay 158kaui and than you can eat as much as you want. You have a menu and can over and over again. They have a great variety of sushi and so. But the main thing is that you order different sorts of meat and vegetables and your PRIVATE COOK in front of you fries it for you on a massive plate. If you're lucky the cook also does some crazy tricks with the knifes.
    You say now: "But still, 158kuai is a lot of money for a dinner!" .... Drinks are included as well. The last time I spent there 3,5h with five friends. Me and one friend had nine bottles of Sake together and the others had a few bottles of red wine. It's totally worth it the money!

    The restaurant is on the right side of Hooters Beijing.
  • Nixul
    Nixul wrote:
    Restaurant Keur Ndeye Astou Diakhoumpa
  • C.Chaud
    C.Chaud wrote:
    Le tangana
    Paris la France...
  • Judy
    Judy wrote:
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Since there is no mention about the location or city ...

    Many years ago, we went to this Japanese restaurant in Sydney, it was $40 per person, each can choose two little dishes from a choice of 15(?), some of them include Japanese BBQ and Tempura ...with 4 of us, we had a whole table full of dishes ... but that is not the best part ...

    The best part is that each person can get a small lobster sashimi, and being Sydney, the quality is, well, let's just say that till this date, my wife still remembers it ... and that was 5 years ago ...
  • Tonje Nygård
    Tonje Nygård wrote:
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    Uama is good, but I still prefer Tairyo (right down the street from Uama) for teppanyaki. I was just at Uama last week.

    For foreign food I really like Petes Tex Mex in Lido and Yong An Li. By far the best Mexican food in Beijing. After eating there it takes me months to work up the nerve to eat the slop they serve at Lamba.

    For hotpot (my favourite Chinese food) it's Chuan Fu Lou on Chengfu Lu. Very cheap and they have almost everything you could want in hotpot.

    Another favourite Chinese place is Ho's, on the west side of Beida.

    For pizza-Kro's Nest all the way.
  • Yasir A.J
    Yasir A.J wrote:

    arabic resturants ..M, subway n pizza hot also that italian pizza in solana 4get the name
  • Patrick Coleman
    try the exotic ones.

    anyone ever tried the horse burger? its only 3 yuan at any dark alley you can find one.
    its a sandwhich of horse meat.
    beats mc donalds for sure hope they come with toys. hehehehe

    in suzhou they have this Insect barbq, cant remember what restaurant name but the menu are bugs, they have ricecakes with a lot of black ants, but the bbq is the delicacy.

    try the vodka with dead snakes and dead lizzards inside. some with plants that look garbage to me but hell yeah its damn better than my scotch whiskey, and they sure are expensive like XO.

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