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  • 21232
    21232 wrote:
    do you agree that some of the drivers are so rude to people especially foreigners? do you think that almost all of them are nice taxi drivers? have you ever counter any problem with them... and how did you manage it? tell us....
  • Kkg
    Kkg wrote:
    r u sure they can understand u all? i feel they're a nice group.
  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    My biggest problem with Beijing taxi drivers is that many of them don't seem to know the city very well. A lot of them come from the country and have no idea where a lot of well-known places are.
  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:
    I think most of Beijing taxi drivers are very nice.

    Agree with Peter Baird, many of them don't know the city very well. Beijing changes fast and also less and less locals from the city would love to take this tough, hard and low-paid job. Many of them come from the suberb around Beijing.

    Traffic jam, traffic fine, long hour working, higher and higher gas price, heavy burden for paying monthly money to their companies. They live a very difficult life! Try to understand them more...
  • ALK
    ALK wrote:
    @Peter: ...or they just don't want to take you there. It happened (more than once) that I had to take a taxi within the same area (say zhongguancun or wudaokou) and the moment I say where I'm going, they say don't know the area.

    From my experience, it's not uncommon for a taxi not to stop if you are a foreigner and stop a few meters away where there's some chinese waiting. I signal a taxi, it stops and just as I reach for the door it drives away to take the chinese next to me.

    On the other hand, there were a couple of times that I was charged less because he was lost or that he stopped the meter earlier cause he missed a turn or sth.
  • Kate
    Kate wrote:
    I think they are nice and respectful. Much better than New York taxi drivers...oh boy.
  • 王经纬
    王经纬 wrote:
  • Laurayoung
    Laurayoung wrote:
    a friend says: nearly all his dirty chinese languages learn from the taxi drivers
  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:
    I love cab drivers. We talk about all sorts of stuff, from getting wasted to family issues. Never been given the runaround, nor been treated unfairly.

    Worst thing I've had to deal with is a dude puttering along at 30 kilos/hour down the 4th Ring at 2am while smacking his lips and grunting.
  • Kkg
    Kkg wrote:

    that's an exception.
    they can refuse their requests at first when the deal has not been made. some drivers do it because they are fraid of being mugged or even stabbed.


    that's part of life. some speak dirty languages, but kind-hearted. it's much better than speaking beautiful languages with being malevolent.
  • Siliconfish
    Siliconfish wrote:
    Couple years ago when i was first time to beijing and took a taxi i believe from bird nest to guloubeimen, i saw one strange street name on the way that i thought he took me cycling around and mug my money and i became harsh ....then turned out a misunderstanding...anyway he gave me a pen and asked me to write a confession letter(检讨书) for mistaken him..lol.. We both got a good laugh afterwards.
  • Eirin Nilsen
    Eirin Nilsen wrote:
    most of them are nice.in germany you could just tell taxi driver the number of street.but here no way.beijing is too large to remember all addresses in mind.

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