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    International Media Comments Positive on Camilla’s Contribution to Social Life
    With the popularization of Latin dance and music, major international media is paying more and more attention to the spread of Argentinean Tango in China. Recently, press such as China Daily, City Weekend and more put a premium of the tango events held by Camila Salon.
    In the reports, the courses, networking events, culture party and wine salon available in Camila Salon have been illustrated in detail and as a life necessity to elite people. The contributions Camila Salon have made in promoting Tango and Latin culture as well as quality life have impresses these international media. They are expecting more and more high grade Latin culture activities from Camila Salon to present to the readers.

    Please peruse the reports below:
    China Daily
    City Weekend

    Edified and moved by Latin American culture, Camila, the marketing expert with outstanding background in investment and entertainment media fields, undertakes to leave her professional accumulation, tirelessly travelling among China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Latin America and the world to promote the cultural exchange between China and Latin America through frequent and friendly interactions with diplomatic envoys, investment institutions and business elites in recent years.
    “Camila Salon” is dedicated to help people to “Enjoy a Better Self” and have their lives enriched by experiencing varying cultures. Through our Fashion Salon, Tango Salon and Wine Salon, we build an integrated, communication sharing platform to connect people who appreciate Latin culture and quality of life through attire, fitness, social networking, wine tasting as well as tango lessons and performances.
    Fashion and more information could be found at: www.CamilaSalon.com. For those who wish to experience the Latin magic first hand, please come and join us at: 604#, BLDG 6, SOHO New Town, ChaoYang District, Beijing or contact us at +86(10)8552-5228 & +86 138-1166-5482.

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