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  • Penta1
    Penta1 wrote:
    In our daily life,it's not hard for us to hear people say these words.They are so popular now.Around you do you often say it.Here i know some,so share with you if you know others ,you can share with us.Thanks.

    pào bā
    泡 吧
    Indulge oneself in spending long time in bar, café or discotheque

    Guò láo sǐ
    过 劳 死
    Death from overwork

    Fā shāo yǒu
    发 烧 友
    Enthusiastic fan

    Lăo yóu tiáo
    老 油 条
    Wily old bird; old slicker

    Shuĭ huò
    Gray import goods; smuggled goods

    Shăn hūn
    Flash marriage. This Chinese term originated in the early 21st century to describe a marriage between partners who wed after knowing one another for less than 7 months.

    Fáng nú
    Mortgage slave

    Léi rén
    Striking. It is now a popular contemporary Chinese Internet slang term.

    Shān zhài
    Shanzhai, which literally means 'mountain village' in Chinese, is now a popular contemporary Chinese Internet slang term referring to copycat or clone culture. As a fast-growing phenomenon, more and more people, especially the young, are jumping on the bandwagon to share and create shanzhai items. One can find a shanzhai version for almost everything, from big brands to movies, songs, and even pop stars.

    Shèng nǚ
    3S woman (3S is short for Single, Seventies and Stuck). This tag refers to women who are old enough to marry but are still single. Usually they have a relatively good educational background and high income.

  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:
    Thanks for this. Not only a useful language lesson, but also very informative culturally.
  • Penta1
    Penta1 wrote:
    hehe you're welcome.Peter
  • ALK
    ALK wrote:
    (I only knew 剩女...)
  • Mathew Abisai
    Mathew Abisai wrote:
    interesting posting....this is really differnt from what i been seeing.....thanks my friend
  • ALK
    ALK wrote:
    @Älëx: in MS Word: Insert > Symbol...Otherwise: Start > Run > charmap.exe
  • Penta1
    Penta1 wrote:
    Well,thanks for your question.I've just seen it.You mean you want to put pinyin -tone of chinese charactor.Just like what i've wrote on this top forum(popular words),right?

    Just like Alk said.
    First select the Chinese character;
    Second,On the top left ”start” -->文(wén) (pinyin guide)--> sure
    Then it’s ok.
    Such as:
  • Penta1
    Penta1 wrote:
    hey,But remember use MS 2007.

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