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  • DavidZ
    DavidZ wrote:
    Hi, My name is David Zhang, a native Chinese cameraman in Beijing. I’m looking for a full time job or projects now. I own a professional Canon Camcorder. I can take the project with my own camcorder.
    I've worked as a freelance cameraman for 2 years, The Serial film “Traditional Chinese Medical Exploration ”【中医巡礼】is one of my production. I’ve taken various assignments. Like shooting documentaries, MTV for local stars, and shooting interviews, parties for Club and company sometimes. I’ve also worked in the field of post-production and video editor for 5 years. I’d ever made the film “Dream-seeking in Shangri-la” 【寻梦香格里拉】and many visual designs for TV stations (like CCTV, BTV, and so on).
    If you are interested in my works. Please do not hesitate to contact me. My email is david_362009@hotmail.com. I can read and write english, but I can’t speak it well. I would be glad to reply your email ASAP.

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