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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Alright, so I've found a cheap place to buy American nutrition supplements (Ill start another thread for this), and bought a box of Optimum 100% Whey Protein and a BSN N.O. Xplode, and been testing this for the first time this morning. The protein is off course hard to tell the effect of after one day, so I'll post about the N.O. Xplode for now.

    First of all, I was a bit confused as I got 2 different size scoops, and the guidelines tells you to try out the dosage with ONE scoop first. While I read on some website to do 20 grams.. so I did 20 grams, which was between 3-4 scoops (the 1.5cm deep scope, not the big one that probably belongs to the protein)...

    After 20-30 minutes, I got all warm and almost sweaty, and full of energy (tripping!). So it definitively works for me. I was a bit skeptic after reading a lot of forum threads about this being a bullshit product that doesn't give what it promises, but it did have a impact for sure for my case. But it probably varies from person to person. And I dont think this was any placebo effect, as I didn't expect it to work that fast at all.

    When I went down to the gym and started warming up on one of those spinning bikes, I got SUPER-thirsty, and felt basically like having a overdose on Thai Redbull, so I went off the bike after 5 minutes, and even then I felt like I've been on it and biking like death were chasing me for 20 minutes (thinking of the pump in the legs). But the pump feeling disappeared pretty fast though.

    When it comes to the weightlifting, I was barely able to do anything the next 20 minutes, I was simply too thirsty and felt like puking after every set, and still super-thirsty. But then it got better, and I felt that I could go on without feeling sick.

    After this, everything felt easier and I increased on more or less all weights, doing shoulders and biceps, but I also went from 10-12 to 8 reps, so it's not solely the nutrition. So expect from feeling sick, I'd recommend the product for a pretty good energy boost.

    Tomorrow I'll do the dosage correct, and see how it goes =) Feel free to add your experience with this product yourself, if any :-)
    Well versed in the N.O Xplode jars and Dark Rage and now Endorush, I feel NO is better for the pump although both DR and NO gave me the shits 30 mins before :) DR had more legs on it and is defintly better for cardio but tastes like dogs balls. Both left me wired and totally awake until the early hours which is not enjoyable with 6am starts :) Didn't get the thirsts although that was probably the creatine inside (if you dont take creatine perhaps it did the trick).

    Once I had 2 scoops and had to lie down and chomp on bread to get myself out of a caffeine overdose (or felt like it!). Get accustomed to it and it's fun!

    Pretty mcuh as you say Ole, hot sweats, the jitters and sometimes you forget things (like towels, water, name). Put those headphones on with some latvian drum and bass and bork out to a gym high :)
  • Theodor Braatøy
    I have used NOX - for me at least it is way too strong and I get the jitters and cannot train at all... even on a half dose. I have been selling NOX for many years though and have never heard of the product have two different sized scoops - this seems a little strange mate. I hope it is real. Another strong product is MHP's Dark Matter - this is quite simmilar to NOX and super strong. My fav pre workout at the moment is the EFX - KreAlkaline Pro. Not quite as strong and jittery as others but for strength, energy, focus and pumps it works awesome!

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