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    Kevin.liu wrote:
    Step 1: Take documents
    A Employment license for foreigners (外国人就业许可证书)
    1. Company’s Business License and copy (营业执照原件及复印件)
    2. Approval Certificate (批准证书)
    3. Application form for alien employment approval (聘用外国人书面申请报告)
    4. Employment letter for intent(企业聘用外国人的聘用意向)
    5. Resume in Chinese (中文简历)
    6. Bachelor degree (学历证明,本科以上)
    7. Medical exam (体检)
    8. Two years work-experience (2年工作经验)
    9. Application form for Recruiting Foreign Workers in China (聘用外国人申请表)

    PS. Item 3/4/9, our company have example, please find attached files.
    It will take 10 working days

    B Invitation letter (邀请函)
    It will take 5-working days

    After take A&B, please leaving China for your country or HK for getting a one month Z visa in Chinese embassy.

    Then, come back China with your new Z visa.

    C Employment permit for foreigners (外国人就业证)
    1. A
    2. Medical exam
    3. Contract with your company
    4. Passport
    5. 外国人就业登记表

    PS. Our company have item 5 example

    D working visa (工作签证)
    1. C
    2. Passport
    3. Residence registration certificate
    4. 2-inch photo with white background
    PS. It will take 5 working-days


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