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  • Kevin.liu
    Kevin.liu wrote:
    legitimate companies have fixed office premises, large working environment and strength; while illegal companies often hire rooms in the residential areas, with small, simple office environment;
    In order to ensure the quality, formal integrity companies have strict processes on visas, a certain amount of personnel and complete procedures; while illegal companies have few people and simple procedures;
    The legitimate company can directly handle the relevant documents to the government departments; while the illegal company can not be submitted the document directly
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  • 北摄 Beijing Center Of Photography
    how do you identify a legitimate member and a non-legitimate member?

    a legitimate member has a face to their profile and a non-legitimate member wears a paper bag over their head...

    just kidding... Kevin, it's time to change your profile picture :)

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    Baidu their ICP number if they're online ;-) ....and hosted in mainland china.. err..

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