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  • Iain Bonner
    Iain Bonner wrote:

    I'm iain from Melbourne, Australia.

    I came to Beijing for a holiday but have so far spent most of my time in a massage hospital, and now i'm living there !

    I wanted to ask some people about Chinese medicine, and massage treatment. I have tried to gather as much information as i can from my doctors and nurses, but sometimes the language difficulites make things confusing.

    I have slipped discs in my lumbar spine. It's an injury that's happenend over many years, playing football is one of the main reasons, but also i think this area in my lower back is a place where i seem to hold most of my stress and worry. so over these years its got to quite a bad state, and i really want to fix it.

    I have had a lot of chinese massage on it, from my blind doctor Xue Nan who is pretty cool and on the weekends sometimes we have day trips (i was taken around the summer palace by a blind man ! ). I have a lot of short wave and medium wave therapy, along with traction. and now also i have started some acupuncture. i'd never had acupuncture before and found the whole thing quite intense. such a strange sensation, as the needles were put in, or taken out, i felt a dull pain coming from far away, then from now where the gap was jumped and the pain was coming from somewhere in my core, it felt like i was plugged in, just for a few seconds, to this electrical charge. is this what the river of qi feels like ?

    So i guess i'm just looking for some advice on any of this ? have you, or somenoe you know, recovered from severe injuries with this kind of treatment ? any help would be appreciated. things have got better as we've got rid of the inflammation, but lately they seem to be stalling.

    Sometimes i feel like an experiment here, how long before this western body breaks down and accepts the chinese style ?

    peace and clear skies


  • Angeli
    Angeli wrote:
    I am a doctor from China,but my major is western medicine.The Chinese medicine history is glorious,it has own theory ,the practice foundation and the unique method of threatment.The Chinese medicine emphysizes five element theory,harmony between man and nature and channels and collaterals,you can achieve the very good treatment result through several course's treatments,Of course,premisely,you must go to the regular hospitals,such as the Dongzhimen Chinese medicine hospital, the Guang'an Gate Chinese medicine hospital and Beijing Chinese medicine hospital are very good.You can inquire about these places.I wish you a speedy recovery.
  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    hey poor guy, if you have medicine insurance why not go to unit family hospital (if you by taxi you may tell the driver want to go He mu Jia hospital in jiang tai road nearby LiDu hotel,chao yang district ),which is a from american capital. maybe there is easier to foreigner communication cause there doctor and nurse speak english,I thought.
  • Bendik Johansen
    Im an acupuncturist myself- I think you'll get good results with [tui na] massage and acupuncture.
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Iain ... you probably know that those common medical insurers from Oz (e.g. HCF, MBF, Medibank) cannot cover medical and therapy bill outside Australia, right? ...

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