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  • Hanyang
    Hanyang wrote:
    My students always curioused why Chinese girls look like so slim even the Chinese dishes are oily.They think Chinese food is much more oily than their.
    The western food like butter has more Kcal,coz it's from animal,but Chinese cooking oil is comes form plants.That's one of the reasons somehow,I guess.

    I would like to know have you ever tasted food which is you have never seen it before. Coz,some food here,my students they don't wanna have a try since they had known the material of the food,ahah....so sometimes,I don't tell the name at the first. But, some food like haw,even they know the name of it,they sitll have no idea abt this fruit. Some of students there especially who come from Europe,also have some trouble with the food,even the water.

    I will list some food that I would like to know how do you say that in Eglish. Thx!!

    我做的最大胆的是,带着学生去吃卤煮了,嘿!吃的比我还多。就是没告诉他们素材是啥,自己google 去吧。
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    You are a teacher? How strange ...

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