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  • 北摄 Beijing Center Of Photography
    北摄 Beijing Center Of Photography wrote:
    Hi everyone,

    Are you a model?

    I'm a fashion photographer from Singapore. Just arrived in Beijing a month ago to start a professional school for Photography in JianWai SOHO. ( see http://www.photoscholar.com )

    Pls take a look my series of photos here
    Serena Adsit: Beauty of Different Eras

    Serena's a personal friend and professional model in Singapore. She won the Fashion Model of the Year in 2005. Definitely a top model in my country and she travels frequently for work in the region and in Europe as well.
    She's the muse of our fashion team back home.

    Now i'm in Beijing, I hope to find our new muse in this city. Someone who loves to be photographed, enjoys makeup and hairstyling, has a fashion sense of her own, is photogenic and extremely versatile - i.e. she can look very different with different makeup, clothes and styling.

    if you know of anyone suitable, pls email us at beijing@photoscholar.com

    if you like to see more of my fashion images, pls visit http://www.offstone.com

    thanks a heap :)

    Lance Lee | http://www.photoscholar.com

    P.S. yeah! it just started snowing.
  • Anna Rudashko
    Anna Rudashko wrote:
    Hey there, gorgeous pictures, I have a friend Christian Liu (13011878450), he can help you out with the models.

  • Hehe Wu
    Hehe Wu wrote:
    How about me?hehe:)
  • Miriam Pedersen
    Hi Lance,

    there are indeed awesome images.

    I'm not a model, but your pictures really inspired me to get to know more about professional photography. Now I'm seriously thinking about attending some of the classes you offering in Beijing.


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