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  • Zhaohong
    Zhaohong wrote:
    1. What kind of person do you prefer? Direct or undirect?
    Sometimes direct words are clear but hurt. Undirect not hurt but comfused.

    2. Big different work style between China and Europe.
    We have one shipment to Ham for trade show, which should be held on 28th. We delivered cargo to HAM on 17th. There is enough time to handle this shipment at HAM. But our agent there started to clear custom on 23th. I already offered all docs to them earlier, if there were some problem, they should contact me in time. Well, the trouble happened, they said docs have problem. Then we try to revise as their request, then next day the person who responsible for our case was on vacation, but you should take over your job to other carefully. Now they still ask me to re-send all docs. It was top top urgent. They know it, what's wrong with them?

    I thought what I met was only one exception. Most of our colleague met kind of thing, especially work with our European agent. I mean you should do your job first, then go to vacation.

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