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  • Tiantian
    Tiantian wrote:
    Hello everyone, I’m a local Beijing girl looking for work as a secretary, accountant, personal assistant, customer service or other related work, especially with a requirement of English fluency. I have a degree in secretarial administration, 3 years experience in the field, and have passed the intermediate secretary certification. I also have extensive experience with spoken English, working with foreigners in person and over the phone.

    I previously worked for an American business man as a personal assistant in 2 years,My responsibilities included adjusting work schedules,translation,booking local and international hotel and travel reservations, visa applications, and expense reports.I conducted banking, insurance and government transactions. I often received thanks and praise from my boss,as I am considered to be very responsible, dependable, thoughtful and warm-hearted, cooperative and full of potential.

    In addition to the standard CET, I have spent many years in private English schools, and practicing speaking with native and non-native English speakers.

    I am a professional. If you are a lonely businessman looking for an illicit affair, or some other relationship, I suggest you place a personal ad here.

    my Email : tiantian-tt@live.cn

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