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  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)
    叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹) wrote:

    Which cuisine is prefered when taking cooking lesson, and why please? ... Sichuan, Shanghai, Cantonese, Taiwan, Mexican, French, Spanish, Indian, Thai etc ...
  • 柯威
    柯威 wrote:
    its hard to say, if you want classical western lessons, i would go for French, but there are a lot of amazing things happening in spain right now, they are the new paris when it comes to cooking innovation. being a chef with french-influences, i would say french cuisine offers the best opportunity for people of all levels, especially once the basic techniques have been mastered. If i had to go with eastern food, i would definitely go cantonese or vietnamese.
  • Annia
    Annia wrote:
    i know there is a french cusine class at the centre culturel francais, i wanna attend it if i still have money after i pay my rents...
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahaha ... interesting replies ...

    岩嵩 ... where do you work? I have not had a decent French cuisine for many years ...

    Annia ... you came back from France, right?

    So no one likes to take cooking lessons?
  • Laurayoung
    Laurayoung wrote:
    i have taken cooking lesson when i went to Yangshuo this year.
    we went to the market and followed the teacher, just some simple local food.
    after the class, we enjoy the meal under sunshine:)
    i have been there for 5 days, raining,raining,raining,just few sunshine:(
  • Vivian Yu
    Vivian Yu wrote:
    Hmm... every cuisine also has basic dish. If you are interesting in cooking, you could find it's easy to learn and there is full of fun. Cooking is a kind of art. , If you know how to make a simple cuisine, then you can create any dish by your unlimited imagination. :)
  • Man TianFei
    Man TianFei wrote:
    i can teach how to cook chinease food.
  • Annia
    Annia wrote:
    Yes, I came back from France. I believe chinese cuisine is the best, but I wanna try something different. Once i cooked the instant noodles for my french friend , he told me: Annia , U R THE CHAMPION! we don't need to go to the chinese restuarant anymore, this is the best! ........
  • Guro Haugerud wold
    I would say it depends on the cultural background you come from to what kind of cuisine you would like to learn. Me being Canadian we are trained in classical french cuisine. But now most western food is fusion, classical dishes with some twist from another culture. I tried to learn as many different cuisines as possible so I have trained in French,japanese, mediterranean ,Spanish, ect. I have not trained in Chinese cooking but would like to.

    With knowing many cuisines you can have unlimited possibilities to what you can create.

    I am willing to teach others cuisine I know or even just talking about the differences.

  • Ms Bla
    Ms Bla wrote:
    Mexico cuisine ; Noodle of Beijing; dumpling; Sushi; etc simple cooking
  • Pink
    Pink wrote:
    anyone wanna learn Chinese cooking class? here i give u a suggestion
    Food in China is not only about eating, but also about friendship. Making dumplings with family and friends is an ancient Chinese tradition. People travel in China not only want to experience different dishes but learn the culture behind the cooking, and that is what The Chopsticks cafe&bar is
    offering. Our Chinese cooking class providing a hands-on dumpling making class and learn how to cook various local dishes (u can let us know before you come). Class open on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday, 3 peason per class. Call us make a reservation. We located in Gulou tour area, customs can tour Gulou, Houhai and Hutong after class.
    The class for each person is 100RMB, and we perpare everything cook needed for u, join our class. It will be fun.
    Need more information call 13426070554
    Find us on Chopsticks cafe&bar: #12 Yandaixie street Dianmenwai Ave, Xicheng District, Beijing

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