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  • Chineseye Shop
    Chineseye Shop wrote:
    Opening a discussion here to pool requests or recommendations for any products to add to our shop's selection.
  • Chineseye Shop
    Hello all, we just started an online shop. The main idea behind the shop (aside from me trying to make my living to pay for visa and all) is to help you who don't like bargaining or making the trip to make to buy certain stuffs and to carry it back home. Also, we may have some products you have been wondering where to find, delivering to your door.

    The site is still all in a big mess, we know, we're working on it. But the main purpose of this discussion is to pool all inputs about what to sell in our store.

    So, what do you need? I will see if I can get them available.

    Peace :)
  • Chineseye Shop
    oh, and the url is http://shop.chineseye.com

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