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  • Dan
    Dan wrote:
    That's my first time to design a tee, cap and some stuff~~
    please give some comment~~~

  • Kent Løset
    Kent Løset wrote:
    Just shout: You should do something with the bottom edge of the t-shirt so it's not cut with a straight line. Also - try adding some color somewhere. Similar to the photos where most of it is black and white, but the object in focus is in color :-)

    You give me a blue day: I think the shape coming from the saxophone is too thick. How about adding some thin lines similar to what music notes are written on that goes through the text, and where that shape is now, the lines can just follow and end up down in the sax.. like this:

    also, the space between the sax and end of the sentence should have some notes :-)

    My Target would look way better without the "my target" text I think :-) Also, the + in the crosshair should go a little outside the circle i think :-)

    Street Sage: Is this supposed to be "Stage" ? Anyways, i think the font is too light. Since the image is so rough, a elegant classic font looks kinda wierd to it :-) This goes for the other ones using the same font too...

    Else from that: good job! =)
  • Dan
    Dan wrote:
    oh~~~thx~~~ur comments are very very very useful~~~thx a lot for ur comment~~
  • Amalie Sæverud
    too self oriented! not popular trend! it's very good you kept your own style! But what about the market success?

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