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  • Emily Yao
    Emily Yao wrote:
    We are now looking for people who's been living in China for sometime, know China well, interested in current news and can write EDITORIALs.

    Global Times is a national English newspaper, based in Beijing, and it is frequently quoted by overseas news agencies.

    We expect articles on International relations and comments on recent news events. Article related to your specialty is also welcomed.
    Also, we like articles that appeal to Chinese readers, such as the article on lyesterday's paper "Chinese way of doing business too often ‘Safety Last'" and "Hongkongers still torn between two identities". 
    You may click here to read the first article, and here to read the second.

    Articles are best around 700 words.
    We offer payment which would be settled up monthly.

    If you are intrigued, please send your writing sample about current news issue to wumian@globaltimes.com.cn

    To read more about Global Times, please go to www.globaltimes.cn.

    You don't have to sit in the office for 8 hrs from Mon. to Fri.
    You don't need to wear suit and show up at 9 o'clock sharp.
    You don't even need to meet your bitter boss in person.

    All you need to do, is to write.

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