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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    China Unicom launched their new Wo products, which is 3G for WCDMA phones (the western 3G standard). As I've understood, China Telecom uses the chinese 3G standard, which doenst support e.g. iPhones bought outside China.

    Here's the alternatives to get 3G with WCDMA:

    1) Upgrade your existing China Unicom SIM card
    To keep your number, this is what you need to do. The cons of this is that you will have to wait until the 1st of next month before the 3G is activated. It costs 49 rmb+ 100 rmb that you need to precharge, and you have to prepay if you're a foreigner. They also check your Passport that you need to bring with you to the Unicom Service center, as well as your Visa. So you'd need to have a valid passport and visa in order to do this yourself. Another thing you need to bring, is the businesscard sized plastic card that your current SIM card were placed inside when you bought it. Remember?

    So, checklist:

    - Passport with valid visa
    - The card that came with the SIM card.
    - 150 rmb
    - Patience :P

    And if you wish to be able to call outside China, it's 500 a month - prepaid. No way I'm doing that when I've got Skype :-) You can anyways send SMS outside China (but requires some actiavtion it seems)

    2) Get a new 3G sim card and a new number.
    This is the same process. as 1). But you wont need the card your sim card came in, as you're getting a new simcard and a new number.

    - Passport with a valid visa
    - 150 rmb
    - Patience :P

    3) Get a Chinese friend to help you
    The third way, if you e.g. work or live with someone that is a Chinese citizen, you can get them to pick up a card for you without having to show passport and all that hassle. Then it costs 49, and it's not prepaid. You pay in the end of the month by logging into the China Unicom site. Not sure on the details, but it will require your Chinese friend to do this every month, and you to bring the money on the table for the bill ;-)


    1 piece of good Chinese friend ;-)

    PS! Unicom Service center is open from 13:00 - 18:00 i think - I was there on a Sunday. And if you need translation, use their phone to call 10010 :)
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:
    Just tested the 3G Upload/Download speed from the WLIB Office in Sanlitun:

    Phone: Apple iPhone 3GS
    Test app: SpeedTest.net

    Download speed: 447.9 kB/s
    Upload: 32.6 kB/s

    That's awesome! Unless the app shows wrong on kB(ytes), that means it's 3583kbit/s compared to the office internet which is 1140kbit/s or 1.14Mb/s as it was displayed on speedtest.net.
  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    Who wants an apple I phone jailbroken from the US? I want to buy a bunch and sell them in BJ because all you can get here either locked, fake or old. I will have the brand new phones and I will not rip you off. We can do the market price based on demand Not like last year when they cost 12,000 RMB! Right on with the info up there Ole. Your the man!

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